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Meet CoinZoom

by CoinZoomMarch 31st, 2023
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CoinZoom is a global, blockchain-enabled ‘self-banking’ platform that gives everyone access to a range of secure, low-cost financial products that offer rewards in crypto.

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What Is CoinZoom?

CoinZoom is a global, blockchain-enabled ‘self-banking’ platform that gives everyone access to a range of secure, low-cost financial products that offer rewards in crypto.

Our platform is built on decades of trading experience with an abundance of operational integrity and is fully registered in the US.

It is the easiest way to start your crypto journey for free by doing the things you do every day – spend, send, and invest money - only faster, cheaper, and without the normal hassle.

Meet CoinZoom’s Team

Todd Crosland – Founder & CEO

Todd founded CoinZoom in 2018 and assembled a world-class team that brought decades of financial trading and regulatory experience to the growing digital currency marketplace.

Before getting involved in crypto, Todd was the Founder and CEO of Interbank FX, a Futures Commission Merchant and Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer registered with the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission. IBFX was a worldwide leader in retail forex trading services.

IBFX saw global customers grow to over 250,000, in more than 140 countries, and annual trading volume reached $750 billion. At CoinZoom, Todd has brought all the security, innovation, and trading ingenuity to the blockchain-enabled digital asset environment.

Ben Crosland – Co-founder & Director of Business Development

Ben has been vital in the strategic growth of CoinZoom including onboarding several large institutional customers and strategic partnerships across finance, commerce, culture, and sports like the Utah Jazz NBA team.

Prior to CoinZoom, Ben worked at Sultan Ventures, a boutique venture capital firm based in Honolulu Hawaii, focusing on early-stage startups and investments. Ben has also had international venture capital experience working for 21212 Digital Accelerator in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Paxton Powers – Chief Technology Officer

Paxton leads CoinZoom’s global technology team, which builds, maintains, and innovates CoinZoom’s high[FN1] [AB2] transaction, low latency infrastructure. Paxton’s daily decisions, planning, and execution have enabled billions of dollars in transactions.

He has a wealth of experience in fostering partnerships across development, collaboration, and integration initiatives – and has successfully launched products for trading, remittances, digital collectibles, and secure storage.

Before CoinZoom, Paxton was a Senior Director of Cloud Operations at Accela, a government software provider, and was CIO at Interbank FX, where he worked with Todd.

Jason Vance – Chief Information Security Officer

Jason oversees all aspects of security and operations at CoinZoom. This includes creating and executing information security policies while remaining compliant with U.S. and International laws and regulations, planning risk assessments, and developing risk management strategies.

His role is also pivotal to other parts of the business, as he formulates data recovery and business continuity plans while giving security to each other senior leaders in the company. He oversaw an impressive SOC accreditation in under three months.

Before CoinZoom, Jason worked at a multitude of firms in senior leadership roles across a broad range of Information Systems and Security.

Marcelo Martins – Director of Product Design

As Director of Product Design, Marcelo is responsible for CoinZoom’s leading UX strategy, carving out its signature style within the crowded fintech and crypto world.

Most recently, Marcelo led the research, design, and delivery of CoinZoom’s NFT marketplace, whilst aiding with back-end integration to ensure a seamless and attractive customer experience.

Before CoinZoom, Marcelo was Product Design Director at Global Payments Inc and Head of User Experience at Merrick Bank.

Fiona Naughton – Chief Marketing Officer

Fiona leads CoinZoom’s marketing strategy and execution – working to grow the reach of CoinZoom’s emergent brand and products to B2B and B2C audiences worldwide.

This involves not only educating consumers and partners about the benefit of blockchain-enabled technologies but also working on programs to showcase the pioneering areas of the cultural relevance of crypto and digital collectibles across gaming, entertainment, fashion, and leisure.

Before CoinZoom, Fiona held a number of high-level marketing roles at global brands including Robinhood, Meta, PayPal, Venmo, and HTC.

CoinZoom’s Vision & Goals

We want to make crypto accessible to everyone. Blockchain technologies have the potential to revolutionize the financial industry, by enabling access to fairer markets, providing broader wealth creation, and helping achieve financial well-being for millions of people across the world.

For many who have been on the sidelines of traditional financial services, cryptocurrencies represent a path not solely to get rich, but to tackle being poor – and many of the most troubled economies and regions in the world have been able to stabilize with sensible implementation of crypto-based services.

The sooner we stop talking about crypto as just an investment asset via a Bitcoin market price to help you get rich and focus on the potential of blockchain technology - the quicker everyday people will relate to crypto's ability to tackle real-world problems like exorbitant fees, unnecessary delays, and conscious bias in access to financial services.

CoinZoom’s Founding Story

Traders at heart, and with a successful Forex Trading business under their belts, Todd, CoinZoom CEO and Founder, along with Co-Founder, Ben, had the foresight to see that the next frontier for Web3 would be blockchain technologies that enable the crypto market.

Using the same principles and experience gained running their Forex business, IBFX, they “got the band back together” to bring CoinZoom to life.

To earn the trust and confidence that every long-standing financial business needs, CoinZoom is built as a compliance and regulation-first company.

The team ensured all the proper licenses were in place before launching in 2020 and have since been following all the relevant guidelines and regulations, ensuring the company is run in a compliant manner with customer security and trust at the forefront.

The founding team collectively has decades of experience building trading platforms in both the commodities and FX space.

Building the CoinZoom exchange wasn’t their first rodeo, and despite this being on new blockchain technologies, quickly an array of consumer-first products were in development for spending, sending, and investing money.

CoinZoom’s Products/Services

As part of our commitment to offering the complete crypto experience, CoinZoom has a multitude of products that make it easy for individuals and businesses alike to gain access to cryptocurrencies and self-banking tools to reap the reward of this exciting technology.

CoinZoom App and Pro App

Housed within the CoinZoom app, CoinZoom’s products are built to provide the underbanked broader access to financial tools by harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

ZoomMe, CoinZoom’s free peer-to-peer remittance service, allows users to send money domestically or internationally for free, disrupting an industry that charges 6% fees on average globally, which is a total revenue of over $40bn at a market value of $672.46bn in 2021 (World Bank).

Utilizing blockchain technology, the CoinZoom team built this product to move user funds instantly and for free, putting the money charged in fees back in the pockets of those who need it most.

Users have access to earning 1-5% back in crypto back when they do their everyday spending with the CoinZoom Visa debit card, or by purchasing eGift Cards from a variety of brands through the CoinZoom app and earning 1% back in Bitcoin back, providing an easy way to start a crypto journey for free.

CoinZoom is much more than just an exchange – users get a free bank account the moment they sign up, with access to a multitude of products that empower them to manage their finances the way that works best for them.

This is an easy on-ramp for crypto by just doing all the things everyone does for crypto rewards – so you can learn about crypto in your own time, without ever having to commit any of your own funds to it.

The CoinZoom app makes it simple for you to invest in crypto no matter where you are. Buy, sell, and trade on the go, or send money and crypto for free to your friends and family anywhere in the world with a touch of a button.

For our more sophisticated investors and traders, the CoinZoomPro App gives you over 100 Technical Indicators, a detailed order book, a detailed depth chart view, multiple order types, and a one-click feature to earn interest on your crypto.

Having a platform designed by traders for traders means that all the tools and intelligence are already built-in.

CoinZoom Cash

Deposit cash into your CoinZoom account at the register of your local retailers in under 10 Seconds.

Customers go to the cashier and give them up to $500 – $999 (depending on the retailer) in cash, the cashier then scans the barcode on the app, and the customer’s money is instantly deposited without expensive network fees or a 10 – 50-minute delay that is typical with a Bitcoin ATM.

They can use those deposits for free remittances, investing in over 40 cryptocurrencies, or to fund purchases on their CoinZoom Visa card.

CoinZoom VISA Card

We’ve made spending crypto easier than ever with our selection of cryptocurrency debit cards that allow you to spend over 40 of the top cryptocurrencies at over 53M merchants worldwide.

Select USD, Bitcoin, or any other currency in your spend wallet on our app, swipe your card, and we instantly convert your crypto to USD at the point of sale.

Every time you swipe your card, you’ll earn 1-5% back in ZOOM, our native token, based on what card you hold. Earning crypto rewards on your everyday spending has never been so easy.

CoinZoom Commerce

CoinZoom Commerce is our global pay-in, pay-out solution for multi-national companies, allowing you to instantly pay suppliers, customers, employees, and distributors with Fiat or Crypto for free.

We make it easy for your business to accept USD, Bitcoin, and over 40 cryptocurrencies as payments, promoting the everyday use of cryptocurrencies further and pushing easier on-ramps for businesses.

What’s Most Exciting About Your Traction to Date?

At CoinZoom, we pride ourselves on the trust we foster from our community that the security of their funds and personal information is our top priority. This is evident through our SOC2 Type 2 accreditation, which came only 3 months after our type 1.

The successful Type II audit confirms that our “best in class” security systems are operating effectively over time to protect our customers’ data.

 In November 2022, when FTX collapsed and multiple other high-profile crypto platforms were affected, and people were engaging in a “flight to safety” for their crypto funds, we experienced our best-performing month in terms of deposits that year.

This vote of confidence from crypto aficionados has continued throughout the Bitcoin rally of recent weeks.

CoinZoom is utilizing blockchain technology’s natural advantage for remittances. The International remittance industry charges 6% fees on average globally - which is a total revenue of over $40bn at a market value of $672.46bn in 2021 (World Bank).

That revenue exceeds the total GDP of more than 90 countries across the globe.

Blockchain can enable digital transfers to be instant, low cost, and direct – no cash pick-up, no 3-day to a week delay, and no eye-watering fees. ZoomMe has gathered pace and saw growth of 746% over the second half of 2022 as more and more people discovered the service.

Please Share a Bit About Your Financials. Do You Have Any Investment or Revenue Data You’d Like to Publish?

-740% growth in CoinZoom Visa Debit cards since last November.

-506% growth in funds sent via ZoomMe over the past 6 months.

-616% growth in funds withdrawn to CoinZoom Instant in the past 6 months.

-93% of support chats responded to within 30 seconds over the last 6 months.

-98% of Customer Support Tickets responded to within 15 minutes during the last 6 months.

About CoinZoom’s Community







The Future of CoinZoom

As CoinZoom continues to develop and grow, our goals remain unchanged. We will continue to provide users with a secure, trustworthy digital financial experience where they do not have to worry about the safety of their personal information or funds.

We also remain committed to providing broader wealth creation and helping millions across the world achieve greater financial well-being by capitalizing on the benefits of blockchain technology and utilizing our self-banking services which offer rewards in crypto.

This is the easiest, risk-free way to start a crypto journey and learn about crypto investment at your own pace, on your own terms.

We are excited to work with partners who want to bring the benefits and opportunities of blockchain-enabled financial services to their customers across the world of traditional finance, health, and property tech, through employee and loyalty schemes and across the cultural centers of gaming, sports, entertainment, fashion, and leisure.