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Markdown + Calendar + Notes?

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Daily Planning

It’s a typical scratch-your-own-itch side project. I’m an engineer and often terribly busy with many projects. I needed a simple and efficient app where I can sort out my daily tasks. There are many Todo Apps, which can manage tasks, some expensive, some free. But none was focused on the “daily” part as I needed it.

The single system which used to work for me just ok was writing in a plain paper moleskin calendar, where every page was one day. I would write down the tasks for the next few days and check them off when done. Like a Bullet Journal.


The other itch, which made me mad was the restricted way you had to input your tasks into the usual Todo-Apps. I know Markdown, which I love and use regularly for documenting code, inside Slack and Trello. It makes styling your text very very simple. So I decided to cross the calendar with a Markdown writing tool:

Markdown helps here to jot down tasks with bullets and to check them off. It’s also terribly simple to segment your tasks into projects. Write a title for a specific project and the tasks below that. Not a task? Not a problem! Sometimes you just want to add some comments for the day, like a review. Then it becomes more like a journal. Design your own workflow, don’t be forced into one!

Here is what I have added to the standard Markdown for productivity:

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