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Making the Future with IoT

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Raph Crouan

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Meet Nine Startups Making the Future

Back in October we opened our doors at Startupbootcamp IoT | Connected Devices to nine startups, beginning a three month program of acceleration which culminates in Demo Day next Wednesday (Jan 25th).

I can’t wait to see our nine teams — mixing high-quality engineering, technical ability & strong business experience — pitching their products from a broad range of IoT applications to a room full of investors, partners and mentors (if you would like to attend then you can register on our website).

So without further ado, introducing our nine startups making the future…

ThingTrax helps manufacturers reduce downtime and increase operational efficiency with their devices capturing data from machines and motors for their AI cloud platform to analyse. The ThingTrax platform then sends actionable insights to floor managers before problems occur.

ThingTrax — Smart Manufacturing made easy

YodelUP’s device sits on top of your ski glove or mitten, letting you use your phone and apps without needing to even touch them. You can change your music, control your GoPro and navigate the slopes all with your phone safely stored in your pocket. Their mobile app also allows you to continually update your YodelUP with new features as they are released.

Joyride’s devices generates data for bike fleet managers to improve their service, and for cities to build world class cycling infrastructure. Their device is either mounted or embedded into a bike, able to monitor and track a fleet of bikes in real time with operators then updated and alerted to problems through Joyride’s data analytics dashboard.

Doordeck replaces traditional proximity cards with your smartphone. No more keycards, fobs, access cards, or lanyards. Their technology lets people pass through doors effortlessly — using the key that everybody has on them already, their smartphone. Through Doordeck’s easy-to-use platform, building managers can quickly onboard new members, share access with guests and administer or restrict access.

Doordeck — Revolutionising Access Control

Eskesso helps you cook perfect meals without even having to be in the kitchen. Simply add a bag of food and an Eskesso device to a pot of water. Choose what recipe to cook using their app, and let Eskesso’s smart immersion heater do the rest. You can also order pre-prepared parcels of food to your door through the app — making delicious cooking simple.

Woogie is an alien buddy that makes learning and discovery fun for children. Using AI and machine learning, their device is able to understand what each child is interested in, delivering personalised facts and stories to help them develop. Their app lets parents top Woogie up with new content everyday.

Woogie — AI enabled device for kids education

Trackener is a wearable device that analyses a horse’s heart rate, activity and behaviour 24/7 in order to alert owners to problems or abnormalities with their horse, giving them all the information they need to avoid future health issues.

HomyHub lets you control your garage door through your smartphone with a device that can be installed by anyone in under two minutes. Thanks to their battery friendly proximity sensors your garage door will automatically open as soon as you return home and their app means you can control, monitor and manage access to your garage door, anywhere, at anytime.

CityCrop is a connected indoor garden that lets you grow pesticide-free vegetables, herbs and fruits in your own home. Through their mobile app you can decide what to grow and monitor your produce throughout, with their hydroponics method and microclimate allowing you to grow all year round.

Interested in meeting the startups for yourself? 
Please register for a ticket here.
Hope to see you there!


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