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Make a Choice Between React, Angular, and Vue to Create Web Apps

As market trends begin to shift towards front-end development, it’s easy to question which JavaScript framework is in demand. Is it React, Angular or Vue? It’s a kind of game that makes you confused about which one you should pick up for your next web development project. It is even more confusing when you are just entering the trade game. A lot of startups and entrepreneurs don’t even realize which one is the right front-end framework for their web project.  
So, to give you a clear insight into the top JavaScript frameworks - React, Angular, and Vue, I have built the same application twice on all three frameworks. Once with React, then again with Angular, and lastly with Vue. I took a little time to compare these frameworks but I have discovered is that their performance is beyond comparison. Or you can say it is like comparing Apple and Oranges that can’t be practically compared. 
I see thousands of beautiful apps projects on Behance and Dribbble but they are all unusable as developers never got time to work on by putting that extra effort so people can use them and benefit from them.
Angular 8 is a complete collection of libraries that work together on a cohesive approach. However, React 16.8 and Vue are just JavaScript UI libraries. Take a look at the graph showing current usage trends of JavaScript libraries.
The graph clearly shows the market position of the selected JavaScript libraries in terms of popularity and usage. 

App Development on Angular 8 

  • Beautiful minimalistic design
  • Design mobile-friendly apps & fully responsive
  • Use of modern CSS, grid layout and flexbox
  • Available in two modes, dark mode, and light mode
With the new code generator, it is now much easier for developers to read and understand codes. 
  • App rebuild times are significantly faster
  • Decreased payload size that will allow browsers to open and download the app in less time.
  • Support for template type checking for quick resolution of errors at build time.
With the Angular 8 you can test Ivy to create new applications and have the following advantages:
  • Faster compilation as expected from the Angular (V9).
  • Debugging of templates
  • The improved type checking
On top of all this, Angular 8 is compatible with all the existing Angular applications. So, ideally, you’ll be able to get all of Angular 8 benefits without having to change your app at all.
If you run into unexpected errors while coding, you’ll need to contact or hire AngularJS developers so they can either fix the issue or advise you on what you’ll need to change to make your app ready for Angular 8.  

App Building on React 16.8.0

As a developer by profession with a front-end role, I prefer using React or React Native for building business apps. However, I personally think React is an important part of developing apps and using something like React hooks in my day-job or projects help to keep my development work up to date with all the new set of features.
  • Easy to create UI test cases.
  • Debugging is easy with the addition of specialized Chrome extension.
  • Fast when it comes to displaying a big amount of components on the application.
  • Virtual DOM eliminates the usage of code-heavy frameworks.  
  • React 16.8 is lightweight and also has less dependency on a multitude of frameworks.
The new addition of React Hooks in a new concept that helps you state and other React features without writing a class. 
To give a high-level overview of what React 16.8 is capable of, you need to understand the core concepts and features associated with the framework or you can hire Reactjs developers to get your app ready on React 16.8.0.
So, both the frameworks React and Angular doing a great job which makes my job much easier. With every version, new update my work is getting smoother and smoother. 
Top companies are truly enamored by React and Angular capabilities on a business standpoint. To elaborate on why businesses today are converging towards these two technologies, you need to explore React vs Angular primary features that facilitate the creation of high-performance and agile business apps.

App Building on Vue.js

There are several ways your business can benefit from rolling out a native app on the Vue.js platform. Vue has many benefits like it’s lightweight, support JSX, excellent in documentation, and can also be used as a replacement for jQuery
If I talk about Vue.js popularity. It is widely popular among developers because of its simplicity, ease of use, and versatility. It also covers the drawbacks of AngularJS and ReactJS. Creator of Vue.js made this popular JavaScript framework through the extraction of AngularJS and ReactJS parts and added other concepts as well and landed up with Vue.js. Check here geographical stats for the popularity of Vue.js.
From the above image, it is clear that Vue.js worldwide popularity. Most of the businesses implemented Vue.js for their web development. Some of the names are Laravel, Font Awesome, Behance, and Gitlab.
Vue’s Github Stats
Vue Usage Index
Some more benefits of Vue.js
Vue is adaptable in nature, so you can easily integrate it into the development of big projects of your app development.
Vue works under the MIT license, so you really don’t need to worry about any copyright concerns.
Vue can be a great choice for user interface development. 
Vue is a scalable platform, so you don’t need to worry about the issue of having multiple users on your app.
Native apps developed on Vue quickly grab the attention of users because it allows you to communicate the launch of new products, offers, discounts, and services. 
Also, you and easily hire Vue js developers to develop better strategies for your business app.
Moreover, React, Vue, and Angular are the top JavaScript frameworks for front-end developers used by nearly all software/application developers on all programming languages according to a report shared by StackOverflow Developers Survey 2019

Update on NativeScript 6.0 for Vue and Angular 

According to updates, the release of NativeScript 6.0 comes with the support for Angular 8 and Vue.js for building native apps. With this release, NativeScript brings new features for app building such as developers can now make the fast delivery of cross applications, able to send app updates faster and with the best user experience. 
NativeScript 6.0 also comes with a number of improvements to performance, scalability, and stability. With new features, NativeScript in Vue now able to shorten the development and testing cycle of mobile and web applications. According to the team, the update also lowers the cost of app development and ensure the development of application on the best file size and performance. Hire or rent a coder to build your next app on NativeScript 6.0 and Vue.js.   

React Native for Windows Update

Back in May 2019, Microsoft announced the release of “React Native for Windows” an MIT licensed platform for app building. The new React Native for Windows allows the developers to write code in JavaScript and run the codes on iOS and Android. With this new update, developers can now build applications on a variety of Windows 10 devices such as PC, tablets, Xbox or Mixed Reality devices.
All of these features serve to benefit your app development project and allow you to deliver better work. An app built on React, Angular or Vue helps you deliver brand recognition and a greater connection with your audience through data and information. As you know many sales happen because of mobile applications. Thus, it is important to create your business app on any one of the top JavaScript frameworks. It will give your brand better visibility among your audience. 

Final Words

Moreover, the developers you hire will also appreciate working on Vue, Angular, and React, as they all are the mix of top JS frameworks. Also, make your developers inform about combining ideas from all three frameworks to speed up the development work. It is also important to rent a coder from a renowned software and IT outsourcing service for adding greater levels of interactivity to your business application effortlessly. This will also help you stay ahead of the competition and also automates app/software development process.



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