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Major Updates and Going over Lonero's Goals for 2021

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@TheLoneroFoundationAndrew Magdy Kamal

I will be honest, during 2020, we were hoping to have much more done. With Covid19 hitting, lots of research institutions being closed, and the opportunity to go to or host events being limited, 2020 hit us with a storm. Still, we could have got alot more done. 2020 could have been spectacular. Infact, it was very close. However, it ended up being pretty mediocre of a year. 2021 is the year where stuff will likely go off with more of a bang. Still, there is alot we are working on consistently.

For starters, Lonero's website has recently been relaunched. This is a stepping stone in regards to how we want to establish our branding. This is quite a small update compared to the rest that was done in 2020, but it is up there.

We also want to emphasize that the Stark Drones Corporation is currently working on updates as well. This includes the in progress development of a CRM system, as well some software launches that may be powered by Lonero OS or the Decentralized-Internet.

Outside of this, we also want to emphasize that Lonero has been working on a variety of different hardware offerings. This includes hardware key type systems, PeerTop and ChainBoard. However, those are just small things. After ChainBoard's 2019 failed Kickstarter, we moved our focus on hardware slightly towards a different direction. Now, Lonero is working on other hardware offerings as well. There are exciting things yet to be announced, and enterprise support and managed source systems being integrated into place as well.

We also started getting on places like G2 to promote various aspects of our B2B software capabilities, as well as are working on creating other listings. Things have been a bit slow, but we are trying to work the fastest given our capabilities.

2020 also have been the year of research. Outside of programs like Cancer@home, we have contributed to preprints in a variety of different areas including post-classical computing, headless computing systems and even Quantum cryptography. We also made strides in Qubit-based parallel processing.

Lonero is also seeing how it can inspire others. Outside of the game jams we done in the past, we started working towards doing a few online hackathons and mini-challenges. Towards the end of 2020, we have been working on our "new" hardware offerings and major software updates. We wanted to end 2020 in a bang, but time is quite limited which allows us to essentially at least have a decent start in 2021.

We also done basic things such as launching a help desk and creating a status page. The real things that Lonero wants to get into is the hardware and enterprise level offerings. We have big plans on expanding and are partially there. Lonero in 2021 wants to really shine in those areas as well as meet KPIs for the usage of our SDK. In short, the best is yet to come and things are very beta right now.


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