Maintenance and Operations in One Place - Interview with Startups of the Year Nominee, ejendomby@ejendomdotcom
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Maintenance and Operations in One Place - Interview with Startups of the Year Nominee, ejendom

by August 15th, 2023
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Meet A SaaS platform revolutionizing property operations and maintenance. With data consolidation and sustainability focus, we're leading PropTech's digital transformation. Embrace data-driven decisions for a sustainable future. Vote for us in HackerNoon's Startup of the Year awards! [Link]
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Hey Hackers, has been nominated in HackerNoon's annual Startup of the Year awards in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Please vote for us here: [].

Read more about us below to understand why we deserve your vote.

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The team behind is a SaaS platform for the operations and maintenance of properties.

With all stakeholders can gain valuable insights into operation, maintenance, renovation, and energy optimization to make informed, sustainable, and cost-effective decisions regarding their properties.

We are a young team of ambitious individuals working towards transforming the building industry through digitalization.

My Role

Hi, I'm Henrik, I have a PBA in web development from the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. I've previously worked as a software developer for different startup companies as well as a freelance consultant. Since April 2022 I have been serving as the CTO at I'm responsible for our development strategy and roadmap and making sure that we're a good fit for tech talents who wants to grow their skills both professionally and personally.

One of the toughest challenges I've faced was transitioning our stack, development team, and knowledge in-house after previously relying on an external provider. However, I'm proud to share that after a year of hard work, we have successfully completed 99% of the transition. Additionally, being new to both the PropTech industry and my current role has presented a steep learning curve. Nevertheless, it has been an immensely rewarding experience.

At the moment my main focus is towards developing and shipping some new tools on our SaaS platform in the sustainability category. Around 30% of Denmark’s carbon footprint can be attributed to the construction and building trade. We can drastically help improve that.

How we’re disrupting the industry

Traditionally, building surveyor reports and maintenance plans have been delivered in lengthy PDFs and Excel spreadsheets. By both getting data from professional engineers as well as public APIs we’re consolidating all the data onto a single digital platform and enhancing collaboration among stakeholders, streamlining data transfers, and providing a comprehensive portfolio overview. When a property changes hands all the data follow the property instead of the new owners having to start from scratch. This time-saving aspect is particularly beneficial, allowing them to allocate their resources more efficiently.

Standing Out from The Crowd is a SaaS platform that optimizes cooperation and communication between engineering consultants, customers, and partners. By making it possible for all stakeholders to access their properties data the platform enables direct and efficient communication. This helps engineering consultants address technical concerns promptly. Changing property access during sales or administration transitions is as easy as a button press, simplifying data transfer compared to spreadsheets and PDFs. The platform also stores comprehensive historical data which saves time by providing a complete overview of prior maintenance work without relying on previous owners’ knowledge or paperwork. The platform is co-designed with the help of industry experts in order to deliver the best possible UX. Construction engineers use the platform as a tool to document and deliver data to their clients. Even though we’re targeting a professional user segment, we put emphasis on translating complicated technical data so that property owners easily can understand the recommended actions and make more informed decisions regarding the maintenance and service of their property.

Another strong focus on is enhancing sustainability in the industry by integrating energy consumption data, CO₂ footprint from materials, and energy performance reports. As sustainability becomes increasingly crucial these features strengthen the ability of engineering consultants to develop reliable CO₂ accounts and recommendations. Again we try to simplify complex data into easily interpretable tasks, making it more effortless for engineers to communicate sustainability improvements.

Our predictions on the building industry and PropTech in 2023 aims to become a forerunner in digitizing properties in Denmark and beyond. Due to the complexity and long history of properties, the industry has had slow progress in adopting digital technologies. But there are signs that the market is maturing, with many new and old players in the PropTech segment making noise. The green agenda and the need for reporting is a contributing factor to this development. We believe our platform is emerging with the right product at the right time. We anticipate that in 2023 and the coming years that even larger companies and players will be forced to take responsibility for the data handling and impact of their properties.

One of the driving forces behind our anticipation is the surge of property data and a need to visualize and communicate actions based on the data. Data without any conclusions or actions has no value in itself. As the building industry evolves, the ability to gather and analyze vast amounts of data will become increasingly crucial for informed decision-making. We understand this need and are committed to providing cutting-edge tools that leverage the data in a user-friendly way, enabling industry professionals to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

Another driving force is as previously noted sustainability, carbon footprint, and LCA analysis. The property industry has a massive carbon footprint and there are increasing institutional and legal pressures pushing for improvement. We predict that sustainability will remain a critical focus in 2023 and beyond. To facilitate this transition, we are dedicated to developing top-tier sustainability tools that empower the industry to adopt green practices seamlessly. By providing innovative solutions that promote energy efficiency, eco-friendly renovation materials, and sustainable building practices, aims to support the industry in meeting its sustainability goals.

Through our platform, we aspire to empower industry professionals with the necessary tools and insights to thrive in an increasingly digital and sustainable future.

What word defines the state of the building industry in 2023?

The building industry in 2023 can be best described as "embracing" rather than just "accepting" when it comes to data and digital tools. This once conservative industry has recognized the immense potential and advantages that digitalization brings and is actively embracing this transformative wave. Instead of merely accepting it as a necessary change, industry professionals are actively seeking out digital tools and solutions to leverage the benefits they offer.

Why we decided to participate in HackerNoon's Startup of the Year awards

We actively participate in the global start-up community as it holds immense value for us. We recognize the importance of engaging in competitions and events to establish connections and network with other start-ups. Hackernoon’s community, in particular, has been an exceptional source of inspiration for us. The platform's comprehensive coverage of emerging trends and advancements in the tech industry keeps us informed and at the forefront of new start-ups and innovative developments. Additionally, our participation in the Startup of the Year Awards allows us to contribute our knowledge and showcase our product.

Final Thoughts is thrilled to be nominated in HackerNoon's Startup of the Year awards in Copenhagen, Denmark. We believe our platform is at the forefront of transforming building maintenance with data-driven tools that drive forward better-informed decision-making and more optimal workflows. Our high-quality UX, comprehensive data consolidation, and emphasis on sustainability set us apart from our competitors and position us as a leader in the PropTech sector.

We invite everyone to vote for in HackerNoon's Startup of the Year awards and join us in revolutionizing this once-conservative industry.

Read more (in Danish) on our website: