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Looking for a Tech Internship? Try This List of Online Resources

I’ve been managing interns for more than a year now. This is my personal collection of resources for students seeking internships in 2019.

Right now it’s a time when a lot of young and bright students will start to look for summer/autumn internships — I hope this list will help them.
Let’s start with 3 awesome* GitHub repositories. Owners updating them frequently, so it’s a good/simple/unique place and not a lot of people know about it.
  1. Summer 2019 internships
  2. Open Source Internships
  3. Summer 2020 internships

Below are a few websites for finding internships:

If you want to know more about why an internship is a good idea:

Intercom blogs

Different stories about internship process

UK internships

Remote Working

Thanks for reading!
Content from this article is actually part of my project that I plan to launch soon. Feel free to add us a star at GitHub — you looking for internship opportunity — buzz me in comments. I’m teaching interns myself.



November 29th, 2019

Great Article for the students who seeking Internship in 2019 or 2020
I am an employee of ALSOFT. Its is one the Leading Tech company based in Kolkata, India.
Those who are looking for a Tech Internship in Kolkata, India can contact immediately. Below is the list for the Internship.
1.Web development internship in kolkata
2. PHP internship in kolkata
3. Graphic design internship in Kolkata
4. Content writing internships in kolkata
5. SEO internship in Kolkata

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