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The Frightening Truth Behind Mind Control and Social Media [Halloween Special]

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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…

Yeah, I’m talking about the elephant meme I saw on facebook of course.

More seriously, let’s address the heavy words in the title that always leave an impactful impression — Mind Control.

As shocking as this masterpiece animation is, it encapsulates the insidious truth. I’ll be honest, the imagery in the video fulled this article, so it may be a bit more freaky than my typical post.

The perfect article for your Halloween celebrations. 

We Don’t Need No Thoughts Controlled

You can look at investigating mind control simply as observing what influences your thinking and influences your actions. If you have developed enough self-awareness, you can guide and moderate your thoughts and actions; you harness mind control.

However, if you don’t have control of your own mind, it’s a different story. Now you must begin to question the origin and intention behind your actions. Who’s conducting your thought patterns?

As you ponder your potential mental influences, you’ll begin to venture into the territory of the ultimate asset; the 21-century pleasure of the guilty; the modern-day business interest.

Your mind. Boo!
Digital Parasites 

Social media is surrounded by people and companies subconsciously telling you who you should be, how you should look, what you should buy and how you should think.

***Except for this article… this article is real talk. LOL***

They feed off your hopes and dreams and transform them into an algorithm. They influence and trigger you based on your primal impulses. They infiltrate and catalog your data into your very own human avatar program. 

You. EXE. Talk about a real horror story.

I don’t want to be all doom and gloom, but you really have to ask yourself…

Who are the moderators of social media? Who controls my news feed? What information about me do they have access to? What are their intentions?

You really have to step back, put down your phone and think. What is it giving you? How is it actually enhancing your life? How do you come away thinking and feeling after interacting with it? These are some serious questions.

The truth is, it’s a double-edged sword. It without a doubt has its positives, but you can’t deny the negative. Social media companies are businesses first and foremost, looking to make a profit off you and your data. 

They want you glued to your phone.

You must be extremely diligent and purposeful with your interactions with digital and social media.

Unplug From The Matrix

“People look like they have a much better life than they really do” — Elon Musk

Constant interaction with social media can really damage your self-confidence and de-value your creative work

If you’re comparing yourself, your usually not seeing the “whole picture”. If you don’t see all of the time and effort they’ve put in to achieve those results, the countless mistakes, and imperfections, your painting yourself a skewed picture of reality. 

Basically, you’re constantly comparing yourself to other people's highlight reels.

Only seeing the final results makes you subconsciously not want to face the obstacles and struggles in your journey. Immediate gratification, I think it’s called. Overindulgence with socials will lead you to develop unrealistic expectations.

Don’t deny yourself the beauty of your unique journey. Have gratitude for your personal experiences, your imperfections, and humanness. They’re uniquely yours.

Comparison is the thief of joy — Teddy Roosevelt

Binging on digital media is NOT a wise time investment. The only opinions you should care about are from the people you know and trust.

Constantly referencing social media keeps you in a semi distracted state and leads you to live a life in your head. 

It feeds the ego, which is the original matrix.

Social Media And Mental Health — Are You Addicted?

Studies have shown numerous times the link between depression, loneliness, anxiety, and social media.

As humans, we are hardwired with a fundamental need for connection. Social media plays on that core need. It’s great to connect and share with others, but many of us have become programmed to seek validation.

The more you seek validation, the more masters you serve. Socials mess around with the brain's dopamine levels and coax us to constantly interact in seek of empty “likes”. What has alike ever given you other than a dopamine spike?

I wonder why countless researchers have linked the neural pathways of drug addiction with social media usage.

Since you can access the hive mind and immediate communication at almost any given moment, you MUST moderate yourself.

Answer honestly. How often do you use social media? How often do you check for notifications? How often do you confront the urge to check your phone?

Social media hacks your brain, similarly to how slot machines at a casino work. It preys on your brain's dopamine response and slowly starts to rewire your brain. We have been conditioned to be reactive; to always be waiting for the next “ding” from our phones.

Are we but glorified mice in a lab experiment?

NO! Thankfully, we can break the mold!

Be A Cause, Not An Effect

If the quest for self-diagnosis, ask yourself: Why am I using social media? From there you’ll know better how to use it to fulfill your intentions.

Social media in itself isn’t a negative thing. You just need to be aware of its dangers. Ultimately is it a tool, and it’s up to you to utilize it in a positive and uplifting manner!

This is where developing mindful practices come in. Harness the ability to detach from your regular thought patterns and the constant chatter of the mind. In that state of withdrawal, you can experience inner peace and clarity. 

Take a breath. Exhale. You can redirect your thoughts and your focus.
You can successfully unplug from the matrix. It just takes practice.
Take Back Control

Cal Newport’s book Deep Work has many insights as to how to reclaim your focus from constant distraction. He states that we need to re-learn the lost art of immersing ourselves completely within a task. 

Here are some of his tips, plus a few extra.

1. Schedule your internal usage

The internet, useful as it is, is an infinite rabbit hole. It can suck you into its vortex and you’ll forget where you came from and where you wanted to go.

In the back of your mind, even the simple fact that access to the internet is available can distract you. The best solution is to set hard limits on your internet time or find a location that has no internet connection.

Try scheduling a set time during the day for browsing time. If you’ve never tried this before, you might see how challenging it can be.

2. Digital Minimalism

Embrace your humanness! Engage yourself in technology-free activities. Go for a walk, read a book, hang out with a friend, write some music.

Try to use technology strategically. Always have a purpose behind your time online, even if it is for entertainment purposes.

You might find, just like I did, that you feel more freedom and joy with less social/digital media.

3. Delete Deep Work Distraction

Remember that these devices and platforms are designed to be addictive. You’re much better off leaving your phone in another room and only checking it a few times during the day.

This will do WONDERS for your productivity. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in a single day.

If your feeling bold, try deleting the apps from your phone and see how it feels.

4. Disable All Notifications

You must be the master of the tools you use.

Don’t let some else’s priorities intercept your priorities with a charming little “ding”. Plus… something about It makes me feel like a lab rat.

Ding” Alex just burped… “Ding” It’s Halloween “Ding” your dopamine fix is ready, hot out of the oven!


YOU should decide when you look at your phone. Not some random notification. If you have truly important notifications that are your immediate priority, then you can keep them.


5. Tailor Your Feeds — Who’s controlling your feed? A transhumanistic agenda? Lab experiments to transform your thinking process into a programmable algorithm? The Illuminati? Maybe.

Facebook’s telling you it’s Halloween? Definitely.

The point is, It should be you. Make a conscious effort to control your news feed. Follow uplifting and inspiring content (like Meta Mind Music!) and remove the ego trips and mental clutter.

If you put some effort into taking back control of your psyche you’ll feel more self-confident and have better mental health.


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