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Lonero Needs the Hackernoon Community's Help

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@TheLoneroFoundationAndrew Magdy Kamal

Hello World! It is about time, time that we asked you guys for help! I'm not talking about e-begging. What I'm talking about is that we want to stage a new site on StackOverFlow, but nobody knows about our proposal yet!

That is where you guys come in!

Visiting our StackOverFlow proposal here and giving it a voluntary follow or engaging in discussions and questions let us know you are highly interested.

Well, you get free Lonero. I'm just kidding that is against StackOverFlow's terms of service, and we aren't charity. However, joining does let us know that you are interested and you are supporting people garnishing knowledge on technical questions they have on ever growing pieces of software being utilized to build a better, freer, more decentralized web.

Ways you can help?

When joining, following the proposal helps it tremendously by letting us now that this can be a hub for asking and answering questions. You can also post your questions as example questions waiting to be answered and commented on. Questions related to any of Lonero's software, website, documentation, and OS can suffice.

Given the fact that we have many different places like Reddit, Minds.com, the help site, and numerous other places people ask questions, it may be a decent idea for us to have a unified stack exchange website for most of the questions, especially in regards to technological or code related ones. The idea of other community members being able to help each other with their questions and inquiries is quite liberating.

Outside of this, what would this mean for the future of Lonero? Not much, as we have even bigger and brighter things still in store. For example, by the end of 2022, we hope to have around 1 million SDK developers building projects on top of our decentralized internet and quite possibly power around 20% of all "smart device" and "browsing" activity.

There are a long ways to go development-wise still. However, we are getting there. I personally am actively deploying its various technologies throughout many of my startups as well. As Steve Jobs would say, "you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward".


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