Litecoin Foundation to Host the First Ever Litecoin Summit!

If you haven’t heard yet, the Litecoin Foundation is hosting its first ever blockchain conference on 9/14–9/15 at the South San Francisco Conference Center!

Litecoin has played an important role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As the little brother to Bitcoin, it was the first to implement Segregated Witness(SegWit). Consequently, a random redditor posted a $1 MM Litecoin bounty challenging anyone to steal from a SegWit transaction. This was done to combat the “anyone can spend” concerns people in the Bitcoin community had in regards to implementing SegWit.

You can read more about the role Litecoin played below:

Two hours after SegWit was implemented on LTC on May 10, 2017, Christian Decker performed the first ever Lightning Network transaction on main net to demonstrate how SegWit could be utilized:

Since then, the Lightning Network has become the path to scaling not just for Bitcoin or Litecoin, but other cryptocurrencies such as Vertcoin and Decred. In this way, Litecoin has pioneered implementing technology that has positively impacted the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

You will continue to see this theme through the amazing set of speakers we have lined up for the Litecoin Summit.

Summit Speakers

The Litecoin Summit boasts a diverse lineup from all over the world including Elizabeth Stark from Lightning Labs, Eric Winer from Gemini, and of course Charlie Lee.

Some of the topics you can expect to be covered are:

  • Scaling solutions via the Lightning Network (Elizabeth Stark)
  • Sidechains, smart contracts, and RootStock (Diego Gurierrez Zaldivar)
  • The importance of a non-custodial wallet (Bill and Daryl from Abra)
  • Cryptocurrency from a VC perspective (Adam Draper)
  • Practical tips for taxing cryptocurrencies (Alexey Kassabov)

Day 1

Day 1 Schedule

Here’s what you can expect for Day 1. The Grand Ballroom will be set theater stole facing a stage where we will have all speakers giving their presentations.

There will be a nice mix of individual speakers and panels throughout the day. There will also be a VIP mixer for conference attendees to network with not only Litecoin Foundation members, but speakers as well. But you must purchase a VIP ticket. To get access.

Day 2

Day 2 Schedule

Day 2 will be a bit more interactive and dynamic. The Grand Ballroom will feature up to 40 booths where you can meet our awesome sponsors for the conference as well as #paywithlitecoin! This is of course to build on the theme of Litecoin being the “Digital Currency for Payments.”

This Litecoin expo will continue throughout the day. However, we will also be setting up various speakers as well! However, I advise you try to get seating early it will be limited.


Buy your tickets now!

As you can see above, we are selling three types of tickets: A VIP Day 1 and 2 pass, a regular Day 1 and 2 pass, and just a Day 2 pass.

The VIP pass will include food and drinks throughout the day as well as access to the VIP mixer at the end of Day 1. This is something that won’t be included in the regular Day 1 and 2 pass. But don’t worry if you just buy a regular Day 1 and 2 pass! We are inviting the very best local foodtrucks in the area for your convenience.

The Day 2 pass includes access to not only the Litecoin expo but the speakers as well. We know that cryptocurrency conference can be quite expensive. That’s why we decided to offer Day 2 for only $89 ($59 for the super early bird special)! We hope by providing a more affordable ticket, people will still be able to attend a dynamic and engaging conference featuring prominent speakers such as Derek Capo from TokenPay and a panel discussion with Bill and Darryl from Abra.

I strongly suggest that you get your tickets soon before prices go up again on Sept. 1! Hope to see you there!

Make sure to give me claps to the left if you’re excited about the conference!

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