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Life After AI

Will the Future be Free?

When the robotics revolution first hit the world of industrial manufacturing, people were scared of losing their jobs. Today, a single robot can do the work of almost six people, and by 2025 the number of robots in the U.S. could quadruple. The answer to that old question, “Will robots take our jobs?” appears to be an emphatic “yes!” But industrial robots aren’t the only threat to human workers.

The new revolution, this time with artificial intelligence at the forefront, threatens more than just manufacturing. A.I-generated articles are published by the Associated Press. IBM’s Watson can not only beat a human Jeopardy! champion, but analyzes patient history, genetics, and medical literature to create the best individualized treatment for cancer patients. And with multiple companies making driverless cars, or employing delivery drones, transportation workers face automation as well.

Despite the threat to our jobs, the future isn’t all that bleak. With robots to take over manufacturing, A.I. to manage service industries, and 3D printing for easy customization everyone will one day have the luxuries that currently only for the wealthy. And people will only have to work if they chose to do so.

Check out this infographic to learn more about life after artificial intelligence.

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