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Lets Go Beyond Nuclear Fusion and Extract Energy from Blackholes

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@TheLoneroFoundationAndrew Magdy Kamal

I actually have been thinking about this for many years, and up until recently it has been confirmed. This is nothing new, as cosmologist and thermonuclear physicist Yakov Zeldovich have discussed this nearly half a century ago.

Many people think that Nuclear Fusion might be the biggest milestone in terms of ever abundant energy for mankind. It is certainly one of the hardest, isn't it? Imagine if we took that a step further. Technologically, it may seem unfeasible. The closest black-hole is probably around 1000 light years away.

How can we solve such a problem right now? Would we need to build some sort of Quantum simulator? Would we need this guy in our team? For the algorithmic capabilities, would one need to look into parallel Qubit based processing mechanisms? This is a question that goes beyond the traditional realm of all of science, physics and engineering.

This is because in theory, practically it can happen. In terms of feasibility and where we are now, it seems like not a chance. Forget finding a needle in a haystack, you may have better luck turning the haystack into a needle.

That said, there may actually be some angles technologically to go through. I thought of this as perhaps a problem of complexity. I myself, have been wondering that instead of trying to reach the blackhole, what if one was able to create their own mini self-contained blackhole as a source of energy?

The question relies on containment, harvesting methods, gravity, atom placement and optics. It would be a much bigger step for mankind over nuclear fusion. Infact any horrid thing we did to our planet or ecosystem can easily be reversed perhaps in a matter of few months to a year with that much energy sustainability.

This extremely large sci-fi problem that seems improbable would be a bigger milestone in areas outside of clean energy. Everything from space exploration to how life is on earth would change perhaps even bigger than discovering aliens.

The question is whether creating a self contained black hole or reaching one, when can the technology be there and what can speed it up? There is a huge fine line between few years and a thousand years if that would even be a possibility at all at that point. Given where we are heading, it is more likely civilization would either lead to its own utter destruction or world peace prior to such a thing happening.

However, I been thinking of this problem for a while. I been thinking of alot of problems for a while. You never know what a bunch of scientist can come up with when they think. The limits are there, now we just need to try reaching them.


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