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Let your GISTs Do The Talking

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Live code-presenting of GitHub GIST directly within your GitPitch slideshows.

A few months ago I introduced a new feature for GitPitch presentations called code-presenting. It has been amazing to see how quickly and widely this feature has been adopted within the GitPitch community.

Simply stated, GitPitch code-presenting lets you to step-through code line-by-line, function-by-function, or arbitrary block-by-block from directly within your slideshow presentation.

For a introduction to GitPitch code-presenting you can find the original blog post on Hackernoon: Let Your Code Do The Talking.

GitHub GIST Just Got Interactive!

Today I’m delighted to announce support for live code presenting of GitHub GIST:

[ GitPitch GIST Code Presenting — Sample Presentation ] — Click to Focus

Tip! Once focus is on the presentation, you can press the F key to open the presentation for fullscreen viewing.

This presentation shows how a simple GIST can be become fully interactive, while being beautifully rendered within a GitPitch presentation. These presentations are simple to embed in any blog or website. Now everyone can enjoy live code-presenting directly within any GitPitch slideshow.

Ready To Get Interactive?

It couldn’t be simpler. Use a GIST delimiter to identify the code you want to appear on your slides and then add standard code-presenting fragment markers to bring your code to life.

For example, the entire markdown needed to present the GIST Scala snippet in the animation above is shown here:


If you are ready to get your hands dirty take a look through the the PITCHME.md markdown for a complete sample presentation on GitHub:

Present Your GISTs Offline Too ;-)

Another exciting feature of GIST code-presenting is that when you take your presentation offline GitPitch makes sure that your GISTs go offline too. This happens automatically, try it out and you will see.

This is particularly useful when you need to present at a meetup or conference. You can’t always rely on the network connection being up when you are live on stage. With GitPitch offline you have no such worries.

Markdown Presentations for Everyone

GitPitch continues to evolve. Today’s announcement is the next step on this fascinating journey. If you’re using GitPitch please share your likes, dislikes, and suggestions for how we can make this service even better. The comment section is open below, or you contact me anytime on Twitter.

GitPitch lets you effortlessly craft and share beautiful content about the things you care about. Use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything ;) As always, I look forward to seeing what the GitPitch community creates next.

You can follow me right here on Medium or on Twitter for more news, tips and unique creations from the GitPitch community.


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