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Introducing Hawaar: Let the People Say if You’re an Angel or Devil

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Every 10 seconds a new social media user is signed up, somewhere. Here’s the latest place they’re logging in.

We are living in the world of 7.7 billion people which contains a world of 4.2 billion people called internet.

In the world of internet there are 3.397 billion of users who use social media actively and on average spend 116 minutes daily.

The increase in social media’s users from September 2017 to October 2018 was about 320 million.

An average internet user has 7.6 social media accounts.

Every 10 seconds a new social media user is signed up, somewhere.

There is another new social media called Hawaar which is designed for the silent generation, baby boomers, generation X, millenials and teenagers.

Here is a Summary of What Hawaar is All About:

  1. Hawaar is a social networking service where hawaarians (Hawaar’s users) can consider each other as an Angel or Devil by paying compliments and complaints.
  2. It’s not only about getting yourself considered as an Angel or Devil, it’s also about sharing your feelings, thoughts, ideas and perspective.
  3. There are bunch of features such as profile views, chronological feed, knowing/unknowing, forwarding, replying, raising the flag, otom and many more which make interaction between hawaarians interesting.
  4. Hawaar is a platform of maximum security in response to increasing trend of cyberbullying so that hawaarians can feel safe.
  5. The design, layout, icons and features of Hawaar implies the real world. It’s very well designed to make sure you feel familiarity with the design.
  6. Hawaar can be used on devices of all sizes (4.x-12x inches), laptops and desktops. No difference would be felt using Hawaar on small, medium or large device.
  7. It’s designed not only for millenials and teenagers but for people of all ages. Everyone would enjoy having a profile on Hawaar.

Let’s get in-depth.

Let the People Say if You’re an Angel or Devil

Who are you? Are you an Angel? Are you a Devil? What others think about you? Let’s ask the mirror, although mirror tells the truth. But, what if you’re narcissist? Why not ask people? Why not people express their feelings about you? Let the people say if you’re an Angel or Devil!

Hawaar is an idea which authorizes people to express their feelings about one another. It’s a public social network and encourages people to talk about others and express their feelings about them. It’s a platform which truly believes in people giving their opinions about others.

We are 7.7 billion people and we live in different regions of the world. We all recognized by different nationalities and cultures.

Hawaar is a place where people from different regions can get connected with each other and are called as “Hawaarians” recognized by that very platform, irrespective of nationalities and cultures they belong to.

Hawaar advocates empowering hawaarians but that does not mean people can say anything. It’s not about empowering people so that they become evil and bully or harass others. Hawaar is an anti-bully platform which provides distinctive security which is going to be covered shortly in this article.

Hawaar is offering proper features so that people can share their views about others in an appropriate and beautiful manner.

And that what’s Hawaar proposes! You can create your profile on Hawaar and share the link with your friends on other social networks and invite them to join you on Hawaar where they can post compliments and complaints on your profile and consider you as an Angel or Devil.

First, you have to get a profile and become a hawaarian.


Click/tap “Sign up” and create your profile.


You’ll get a profile link hawaar.com/your-username and your profile would look like above.

On your timeline (newly signed up), you will see two actions.


One is saying that you’ve become a hawaarian and second is saying that you’re equally Devil and Angel.

There is a direct relationship between compliments and becoming an Angel, and complaints and becoming a Devil.


If a hawaarian posts a compliment on your profile, you will be considered as an Angel for that compliment. If multiple compliments are posted on your profile then you will be considered as an Angel multiple times.


If a hawaarian posts a complaint on your profile, you will be considered as a Devil for that complaint. If multiple complaints are posted on your profile then you will be considered as a Devil multiple times.

Here’s how it happens. You need to share your profile on different social media platforms and ask your friends and followers to pay compliments and complaints on your profile and consider you as an Angel or Devil.

When a user visits your profile.


And chooses to post compliments on your profile.


A user posts some compliments.


With each compliment, your profile’s timeline will be updated by considering you as an Angel.


Or, if a user chooses to post complaints on your profile.


A user posts some complaints.


With each complaint your profile’s timeline will be updated by considering you as a Devil.


Collectively, you could be Angel, Devil or Equally Devil & Angel, and your profile may look like the following:

  • An icon of Angel will be appeared on your profile which signifies that you’re an Angel if compliments posted on your profile are more than complaints.
  • An icon of Devil will be appeared on your profile which signifies that you’re a Devil if complaints posted on your profile are more than compliments.
  • If posted compliments and complaints on your profile are equal then an icon of half Devil and half Angel will be appeared on your profile which signifies that you’re equally Devil and Angel.

cOOl nOtE: You should better ask people whether you are an Angel or Devil :)

What Matters to You, What’s Your Attitude

Did you see any vacuum?


People are posting compliments and complaints on your profile and making you an Angel or Devil. Your profile is filling with the opinions of people which they have about you.

Your profile also got visited by different users and they see compliments and complaints posted by different people. They read it and they probably start to know who you are in others’ view.

If I visit your profile I would know what people think about you. That’s great! But, I would also like to know what are the thoughts of the person whose profile I’m visiting. Did not you see this as a vacuum?

Where do you stand? What’s your opinion? What’s in your mind? What are your ideas? How do you feel about something? Hawaar isn’t all about getting yourself considered as an Angel or Devil, it also advocates to share what you want to share.


For sharing your thoughts, Hawaar has a feature called Attitude. So, you can update your attitude and let the people see what are your thoughts.


For doing this, you’re going to use this icon.


Update your attitude.


Share your attitude.


Your attitude can be considered as Awesome/Ok by hawaarians.


Your profile will be a combination of three things.


Your thoughts (Attitude).


What people think of you in a good way (complimenting you and considering you as an Angel).


What people think of you in not a good way (complaining you and considering you as a Devil).

cOOl nOtE: You better tell people about your attitude, share your attitude ;)

Some Additional Features of Hawaar

So, you’ve got a profile and you’ve updated your attitude multiple times. Hawaarians have visited your profile too and considered you as an Angel or Devil with their opinions (compliments and complaints).

Your profile contains your views and views of others about you. Now there are some cool features which truly escalate the fun. Hawaar gets souped up with these additional features.


On the top of profile you can see how many times your profile has been visited. This might help you and others knowing that how popular your profile is. Just like a YouTube video views. If someone’s video got a million views it really means a video is a hit. What if someone’s profile gets a million visits. Does not it mean a famous profile?

Your profile contains two sections.


This is the top section which contains your name, profile visits, attitudes, compliments, complaints etc. This section gives all the information related to your profile in a nutshell.


This section starts immediately after the ‘top section’. This section contains all of your actions since you’ve signed up at Hawaar such as you’ve signed in/out, updated your attitude, known/unknown a hawaarian, posted a compliment/complaint on hawaarians’ profile and so on unless you’ve deleted your action.

Hawaar recommends that don’t delete your actions because this is what your profile is. People will visit your profile and after viewing the top section of your profile they’re going to scroll down and see your actions.


While posting compliments, complaints and attitudes you have an option of Raise the flag along with that. This option makes such posts specific to a topic.


Posts related to a specific ‘raised flag’ can be accessed by hawaar.com/@raisedflag_Your_Raised_Flag.


What you need to do is, fill all the fields of a feature then click/tap flag icon and write a specific topic (raise the flag) for that field under which you want to see your post.

It is recommend that you always ‘Raise the flag’ with all of your posts. But it’s always your choice :)


These options as their icons imply are used for replying and forwarding purposes. These options help to increase the interactions between hawaarians.

You may want to comment on a compliment/complaint then you can use ‘reply’ option. Or if you find anything interesting (profile, attitude, compliment, complaint, raised flag) then you can ‘forward’ it to other hawaarians too.


You must have seen ‘Friend/Unfriend’ and ‘Follow/Unfollow’ on different social networks. Hawaar has come up with ‘Known/Unknown’. You will see an option of ‘Known/Unknown’ at hawaarians’ profiles.

What I have figured out that Hawaar could also use the same terms like ‘Follow/Unfollow’ but these were not going with the ideology of Hawaar. May be that’s why Hawaar did not use it.

According to the ideology of Hawaar, if you think that the concept behind ‘Known/Unknown’ is that you know someone in real life and you find the same person on Hawaar, the answer is No.

The concept behind ‘Known/Unknown’ is, you’ve visited a hawaarian’s profile and you’ve seen people views (compliments and complaints) about that hawaarian and you’ve also seen the views (attitudes) of that hawaarian.

Now, you really know that hawaarian and it should be ‘Known’ to you.


By knowing hawaarians you can see their actions on your home feed in chronological order.

There is a possibility that Hawaar did not want to include the option of unknowing a hawaarian because you can’t unknow someone you know. But Hawaar added the option of unknowing hawaarians so that users can choose what they want to see on their home feed.


You can send/receive Otom to and from hawaarians. Otom means one-to-one messages.


All your ‘Otom’ can be found at Otom’s page in chronological order.


You will get ‘reports’ of actions which are related to you.

cOOl nOtE: Hawaar is a cool social network with a bunch of features :)

Considerably Hawaar is an Anti-Bullying Social Network

One third of teenage internet users (32%) have been the victim of cyberbullying according to Pew Research Center in 2007.

According to National Crime Prevention Council (December 2017), 42% of teens who use internet have been victims of cyberbullying in 2016.

In the Year 2017, 1 in 8 adults who use social media targeted by cyberbullying.

There is a view that online bullying is happening because internet is a place where people get anonymized.

Hawaar has taken all such threats seriously and came up with some useful safety measures. You’re going to experience some safety measures for the first time.

Hawaar is a platform of freedom and empowerment and freedom and empowerment come with some responsibilities. If you read privacy policy and terms & conditions of the service you’ll find that this network talks about being responsible.


You’re going to feel having the full control over your profile. Whenever a user visits your profile (signed in or unsigned), you’ll receive a report of who has visited your profile along with the IP address of the visitor.


This is something new. You probably have not seen such a safety measure on any existing social network.

When a hawaarian interacts with another hawaarian using features like compliment, complaint, otom etc. Hawaar sends sender’s information such as IP address, browser, OS and device details to the interacted hawaarian.

On the off chance that the hawaarian finds any threat, bullying or a hostile substance in a received compliment, complaint, otom or reply then the above snippet of data urges the hawaarian to register a complaint at its nearer police station.


Hawaar believes in giving maximum control to hawaarians over their profile.

There is a chance that someone comes to your profile and posts compliment or complaint which you don’t want to be shown on your profile.

To tackle this issue you need to visit that hawaarian’s profile. You will see three dots before that hawaarians name. You just need to click/tap that ‘three dots’ and you’ll get an option to block that hawaarian.

By blocking that hawaarian, all posts (compliments, complaints, otom) posted by that hawaarian will be shown as blocked on your profile.

cOOl nOtE: Hawaar is a platform where hawaarians get incredible control over their profiles :)

User Interface Design of Hawaar Gives You Familiarity with the Real World

Hawaar’s user interface is designed in such a way which not only gives its conceptual view at a glance but it’s also very neat and simple, consistent, familiar in general and familiar with the real world.


At a very first glance you’ll find Hawaar’s design very clean with spacious and creative layout, nice colors and well managed icons. You’ll instantly catch all the elements and will be comfortable with the design.


Moving on, you’ll find consistency in the design. When you navigate through it you’ll see how easy it is. Things will work according to your expectation because of it’s logical design, you’ll get what you’re looking for and ultimately you’ll have a feeling of comfort towards its consistency.

You’ll also have a feeling of its design’s familiarity in general. Because when you get elements easily, getting what you’re expecting and you find the consistency then there will be an emotion of familiarity within you with it’s design.

While using the service, you’ll notice that the design and graphics are implying the real world.


This is the logo of Hawaar. It’s a perfect example of the world where we live. The logo contains, sun, cloud, mountain and water. How familiar the logo is with the world we live in!

If we talk about the features and icons representing those features, they also imply the real world.


We always consider good people as Angel. Angel represents good and it also cheers us up. You always hear people saying “You’re my angel”.

On the other hand, devil is correlated with bad people. How many times have you said someone a devil? Think about it!

Attitude icon represents a cool emotion. Have you ever noticed when something’s going on in your mind what kind of expression you get? This icon is an expression of that emotion.

When someone passes you a compliment, you’ll always get a feeling of a heart. And when someone complaints about you, doesn’t your heart break?

cOOl nOtE: Hawaar’s design gives a picture of reality :)

You Can Use Hawaar on Small, Medium and Large Devices

Hawaar is a Progressive Web App (PWA) which gives the feeling of a native app while using on smartphones and tabs. When a user visits Hawaar for the first time, it prompts the user to Add to Home Screen.


If you wish to add Hawaar to home screen, it’s simple, Allow it or if you choose not to add to home screen then just Deny it and you can use Hawaar on your web.

Hawaar is flexible when it comes to the screen size of your device. Here are some screenshots of different screen sizes.









12.x-inches, Laptop and Desktop:


cOOl nOtE: Hawaar will fit the device of your choice :)

Hawaar Suits People of All Ages

The millenials and teenagers are considered to be the ‘Hot Users’ for any social network. If you take a look at social media statistics, you’ll find most users on social networks are born in 1981 and onwards.

The concept and security of Hawaar suits everyone, the silent generation (born in 1928–45), baby boomers (born in 1946–64), generation X (born in 1965–80), millenials (born in 1981–96) and teenagers.

How cool a social network would be where millenials and teenagers are learning from the silent generation, baby boomers and generation X in the process of making each other an Angel or Devil!

cOOl nOtE: You won’t regret having a profile on Hawaar :)


Hawaar is a unique social network. It has an amazing concept. The features, design and other elements are very well connected. What’s more, due to its maximum security having a profile on Hawaar is a must because it’s worth it.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Leave a comment below.


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