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Learning and Content Discovery in the Modern Age

Learning, career development and knowledge sharing within an organisation is broken! There has been a recent research about the future of work by Deloitte and here is an astonishing fact:

Virtually, all CEOs (90 percent) believe their company is facing disruptive change driven by digital technologies, and 70 percent say their organisation does not have the skills to adapt. This doubt reflects the fact that skills are becoming obsolete at an accelerating rate. Software engineers must now redevelop skills every 12–18 months. Professionals in marketing, sales, manufacturing, law, accounting, and finance report similar demands.

And as if the above is not enough:

84% of business leaders cite the “need for improved organisational learning” as a top priority, and 44% say it’s urgent.

Let’s take a step back

It has been a while since anyone has asked these questions, but now I believe, is the right time! Let’s ask these 5 Whys:

Why can’t we seek knowledge without wasting our time on clickbait?

Why can’t we get targeted with “relevant” content that will increase both the breadth and depth of our knowledge? Content that’s not necessarily viral, ads driven, or fresh!

Why can’t we get connected with experts in the fields in which we are interested and within an exclusive network for authentic knowledge seekers?

Why can’t we share our hard-won knowledge with those who really need it to succeed?

Why can’t we “enjoy” learning and not deal with it as a burden or a boring process?

Startups are moving so fast and breaking things so quickly. There is limited time to learn and none at all to waste reading irrelevant content or clickbait. There is also huge information overload, and no product has been able to offer the same quality recommendation Netflix and Amazon are giving but for high-quality and relevant content.

These problems are what keep us at Knowledge Officer awake late in the dark nights, what encourage us to move forward, and what we believe can change lives!

We believe that something you learn today may help shift your career in the near and far future, these things are what make changes to humanity, and such information is too invaluable not to be shared.

We believe this is the right time for a content recommendation platform for startups and scaleups to exist. A platform that’s fun to use, engaging and collaborative. A platform that serves and empowers these companies. A platform that keeps them knowledgeable and ahead of the curve by connecting them together in a network featuring and generating the best content. We believe there will be a day when startups will be using KO for knowledge discovery as much as they use Trello for project collaboration or Slack for messaging and communication!

We launched our MVP 3 months ago to confirm whether people are interested in quality content and whether they are keen on staying knowledgeable as much as they are on staying informed. We are now working on our official release for companies with some early signing and paying customers.

Help us by spreading the word about Knowledge Officer, a gamified learning platform for people working in startups and scaleups.

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