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Learn Java with These Mobile Apps

by JohnnyJune 18th, 2020
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Java is a solid choice of a programming language to learn in case you have no prior tech background.

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Java is a solid choice of a programming language to learn in case you have no prior tech background.

Getting the hang of Java makes you familiar with the main concepts of object-oriented programming, allows writing all types of apps (it’s ‘Write once, run everywhere’, after all), and will definitely come in handy should you want a career in front-end (the main language of front-end is JavaScript). 

Most importantly, learning Java on your own is easy. There are a lot of learning resources that will help master both the theoretical concepts and the practical applications of the language. When learning Java, be sure to choose a preferred learning method - be it books, blogs, or online courses. 

Personally, I enjoy learning a programming language using mobile apps. Java is a language most learning apps include. To make choosing the right mobile application for mastering Java easier, I drew up a personal list of favorites - take a look at the most efficient and to-the-point mobile apps to learn Java. 

1. Codegym

Unlike Sololearn, which is more of a generic software development education platform, Codegym is a dedicated Java community. That’s why the platform offers much deeper coverage of the language’s main principles and features. There are over 1200 Java lectures and practice problems. Every lesson on Codegym is short and substantial - a beginner in software development can improve his tech knowledge exponentially by practicing 30 minutes a day. 


  • In-depth coverage of basics and advanced Java features
  • Virtual mentor tool to check the correctness of a completed coding project
  • 500+ hours worth of active coding
  • The app is free
  • A community forum for Java learners for sharing tips, tools, and learning resources


  • You can’t use the platform to learn other programming languages one you master Java
  • The app is relatively new and needs time to gain traction

Pricing: the CodeGym app is free. 

2. Learn Java (by Sololearn)

The platform offers twelve courses on Java - the learning content is constantly updated, it’s likely we’ll see new Java-related material on Sololearn pretty soon. There’s a built-in integrated development environment, a community forum, and an intuitive interface. 

Learn Java is an environment for practical learning - unfortunately, the app doesn’t cover the theoretical aspects of the language thoroughly enough. To understand the terminology comfortably, you will have to use the tool in conjunction with textbooks and reference guides. 


  • Offline learning mode
  • Well-optimized for mobile devices
  • Tools for shared project editing
  • Caters both to beginners and advanced developers


  • Lacks in-depth coverage of theoretical concepts
  • It doesn’t offer advanced coding challenges for senior developers


  • $4.99/m - monthly subscription
  • $3.99/m - yearly subscription

The platform has a free version, with courses that cover the basic features of Java. 

3. Udemy

In the world of online education, Udemy is among the powerhouses. There’s a strong community of learners and over 2000 available courses. On Udemy, you can learn basic software development, as well as educate yourself on more advanced topics on machine learning, mobile app design, blockchain, and other innovations. 


  • The courses are affordable
  • A wide array of available courses
  • Well-designed Android app
  • All courses are updated regularly


  • No development toolkit
  • No active developer community
  • Learning is not as guided as it would be on development-only platforms

Pricing: Users can pay for a course on-demand - the cost may range from $9 to over $300. 

4. Khan Academy

A renowned free platform for online learning, Khan Academy offers courses on anything. Naturally, there are enough learning materials on Java - you can learn the theoretic basics of the language, find out how to use it to develop for the web, create mobile apps, and other types of software. 

A beginning developer needs to have a learning structure in mind when visiting Khan  Academy. Since there are multiple courses that are not closely connected to one another, it’s easy to get loaded by unstructured information and have a rather chaotic view of the programming language. 


  • All Khan Academy courses are free
  • There’s a video explanation for each concept or idea
  • The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use


  • No integrated development environment
  • Lack of guided learning
  • A student has to rely on the way a lecturer presents the material and has no way to pick a learning pace. 

Pricing: Khan Academy is free. 

5. CodeMurai

Codemurai is a powerful tool for learning software development since it covers all popular programming languages and combines a basic interface with in-depth learning material. 

The coverage of Java topics might not be on par with Java-only learning apps but it will give you a better understanding of the language, allowing you to build custom apps by the time you complete a full course. 


  • Lightweight mobile app;
  • Engaging gamification elements;
  • Other programming languages then Java are covered as well. 


  • Doesn’t have a strong user community;
  • No integrated development environment;
  • Java courses lack depth and real-world applicability. 

Pricing: to access basic software development courses, the platform users need to issue a one-time $360 payment. 


Learning Java requires a ton of persistence and dedication. Although the language is beginner-friendly, a person with no technical background might be confused when introduced to new concepts and ideas. 

To make sure that your learning curve is smooth and the education process is enjoyable, use mobile apps to learn Java. Give the most popular tools a try to find a platform that will fully suit your learning needs and pace. Although finding an app you enjoy using is challenging, once you committed to a platform, mastering Java will be considerably easier and more rewarding.