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Korea Blockchain Week and MarketAcross to Promote Blockchain Thought Leadership in Asia

by Ishan PandeyJune 6th, 2022
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Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) has engaged MarketAcross as its official worldwide media partner. MarketAcross will oversee the event's pre- and post-marketing and public relations activities. KBW is the premier blockchain event in Asia, attracting the largest crypto assets based companies, the sharpest minds in DeFi, crypto regulations, investment funds and crypto-economics to discuss the future of finance. Decision-makers, technologists, and developers from various industries may all benefit from attending blockchain events.
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What is Happening?

The Korea Blockchain Week (KBW), a premier blockchain conference in Asia, has engaged MarketAcross as its official worldwide media partner to promote industry dialogue between government regulators, blockchain startups, investment funds, blockchain service providers, lawyers and other stakeholders on DeFi, NFTs, GameFi and Stablecoins to help decode its impact on the future of finance.

MarketAcross will oversee the event’s pre and post-marketing and public relations activities, recruit notable speakers, and increase the event’s global visibility on the world map through ecosystem building.

In order to address the future of finance, the KBW event brings together the greatest crypto assets-based enterprises and the brightest brains in DeFi, cryptocurrency regulations, investment funds and crypto-economics. Blockchain's potential for financial disruption in every sector of the economy is explored in depth at thought leadership events sponsored by KBW.

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Decoding the impact of blockchain conferences

Why Should We Care About Korea Blockchain Week

Korea Blockchain Week 2022, is a prominent crypto and blockchain event that brings together the industry’s greatest minds to debate, redefine, and embrace the future of finance. The Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, located in the centre of Seoul, is the ideal place for speakers, attendees, and sponsors to present and observe blockchain’s limitless applications while also participating in world-class networking activities that help in establishing the presence of blockchain companies in new emerging markets for the blockchain industry.

South Korea as a hub for blockchain and DeFi Innovation

It is critical for financial services regulators worldwide to attend blockchain conferences such as KBW 2022 as the present power structure is under threat and all governments must recognise this disruption enabled through blockchain as soon as possible. The government’s power is being shifted from centralised to decentralised through technologies like cryptocurrencies, DeFi, DAOs, smart contracts, the Internet of Things, and AI, due to which blockchain events like KBW allow for thought leadership engagement, media engagements and innovation in blockchain, NFTs, DeFi and stablecoins. Decision-makers, technologists, and developers from various industries may benefit from attending blockchain events.

The worldwide crypto industry’s key players, evangelists, and business executives will convene at KBW2022 to discuss blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, Web3, GameFi, and other topics. Nick Szabo, Vitalik Buterin, Adam Back, Sam Bankman-Fried, Silvio Micali, Michael Novogratz, Changpeng’ CZ’ Zhao, Gavin Wood, Sergey Nazarov, Sébastien Borget, and others have previously spoken at the KBW.

Why Should Blockchain Startups Attend Technology Conferences

I believe that there is no need to skip a blockchain event if one is aspiring to be a successful company founder who wants to help their startup grow. As a founder, there are several ways in which a blockchain startup may profit from participating in blockchain conferences, such as KBW 2022 and ETHDenver.

Attending a blockchain conference is a great way to expand a blockchain startup’s reach while also keeping abreast of the latest developments in the industry. A single conference or event may significantly impact one’s organisation. A blockchain conference is a great way to network with others in the industry. There is an option for founders to sit back and listen to presentations that seem interesting, soaking up as much knowledge as possible.

Blockchain conferences as a means for ecosystem building

Blockchain conferences are critical as it is possible to meet with investors seeking lucrative businesses to invest their money in upcoming startups with growth potential. Pitch sessions for entrepreneurs are common at blockchain conferences as many of these gatherings include investors.

Attending blockchain activities energise entrepreneurs since they are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all working to improve themselves. Knowing that one is not alone in their search for knowledge may spur one to greater heights of achievement and self-improvement.

Final Thoughts on Korea Blockchain Week

I believe that blockchain conferences are critical for promoting industry dialogue, leading innovation and helping decision makers understand technology applications on the economy. Blockchain conferences have a significant impact on the companies, investors and innovation as it helps to foster industry dialogue, spur collaboration and innovation. Blockchain conferences such as KBW 2022 is a great channel for promoting application of blockchain in South Korea and Asia by helping all industry participants come under one roof.

About MarketAcross

MarketAcross is a blockchain PR and marketing agency, with headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. It offers a complete end-to-end marketing solution for blockchain companies worldwide to help blockchain companies tap opportunities on a global scale. MarketAcross has assisted several of the industry’s top exchanges and blockchain projects in building their brands among blockchains audiences, including Polkadot, Solana, Binance, Polygon,, Huobi, and eToro.

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