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Knowing Your Rights in the Workplace:

Marijuana and Illegal Drugs

Over 80% of employers think marijuana contributes to poor quality job candidates, and as legalization continues on, it becomes a growing concern for business leaders everywhere. From increased operating costs, to workers compensation, to inebriated employees, a lot can go wrong in the workplace when illegal drugs are involved.

Workers who test positive for illegal drugs in their systems have on average a higher rate of both absences and terminations compared to colleagues. Business leaders who choose to drug test employees enjoy office environments with reduced insurance costs, high levels of health and safety measures, and even improved morale and communication. But not every business agrees on how effective drug testing is and some would even consider it more trouble than it’s worth. In fact, one in 20 companies is considering removing marijuana from the drug test panel completely. Regardless, all employers have the right to drug test, within reasonable parameters, and it’s how they choose to approach these tests that makes all the difference.

The drug test itself is only part of the picture when it comes to building and maintaining drug-free workplaces. Responsible, fair, and privacy-oriented drug testing policies are the only way to ensure the effectiveness of drug testing while also keeping employees happy, safe, and healthy.

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