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One of the major problems that all groups face is ordering lunch delivery for the team. It’s time consuming with multi-channel back-and-forth conversations about diet and food preferences with multiple options buried inside the menu. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Vegetarian? How about a sandwich?
Would you like soup or salad with that sandwich? 
Maybe a coffee? 
Whole milk, 2%, fat-free, almond, soy or other?

And that’s just an individual order. In a group of 8 people or more, it can take over an hour just to put together a lunch order. It’s frustrating, annoying and makes for a hangry (that’s hungry + angry!) team.

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Kip Taps to Help Hangry Teams

Kip Cafe’s online ordering functionality is powered by, a leader in on-demand ordering from local restaurants and stores. Together, Kip and make simple, super-fast food delivery via chatbot a reality. We’re excited to work with them, and they are excited to work with us. Here’s what Jed Kleckner, CEO of, had to say about Kip and partnership:

“We’re always excited to see new applications of, and we love what Kip has done with group ordering.
It’s exactly the reason we created an open API in the first place, and we’re thrilled that the integration puts us in places like Slack and Facebook Messenger, where people spend so much of their time.”

Super Speedy Ordering Made Easy

You might be wondering, “How does this work?” It’s simple! Once Kip is installed on your Slack, simply start a new order by typing the word “food” to Kip or clicking the Café button. Kip pings each individual team member you’d like it to, through DM on Slack and asks them what they feel like having to eat.

Manage office spending with Kip! Simply add a budget to your order per person, and Kip will show restaurants and food suggestions within it.

No one ever gets left behind with team voting. Kip gathers cusine choices from your team and, shows different restaurants that have everyone’s favorites included.

Kip automatically collect orders for all your team members quickly on your behalf. Each team member is sent a personal menu where they can easily browse different dishes and pick their items.

Kip collects an individual order with sub-options:

Simplified Secure Checkout inside Chat

Kip makes checkout simple. No more downloading, installing or logging into a website — you can now pay directly inside chat. Just add a credit card in your first order, and Kip saves your card for future orders.

Confirm orders directly inside chat

Since Kip’s payment integration is a first of its kind and built from the bottom up, it removes the problem of having to get everyone on the same chat platform to arrange payments.

Administrators can add multiple cards for multiple teams in different locations, and tap the same card to checkout for repeat orders.

It’s safe and secure, EV-SSL certified, and powered by Stripe. And most importantly — it will get your hangry team unhangry faster so that everyone can get back to work rather than debating whether to have Taco Bell or Chipotle for hours on end 😋

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Kip is an AI penguin that helps you collect and coordinate shopping orders for teams. Try Kip for Slack by tapping the button below:

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