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Top Skills that Java Developers Need in 2020

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Java is almost everywhere, wherever you look around, be it the smartphones, desktops, gaming gadgets and even the scientific supercomputers. There are millions of Java programmers in the world that develop apt Java-based products.

But, as the competition is so high, therefore, the Java developers have to stay at the top of their game.

And for that, they would have to stay informed and updated about the latest happenings in the Java ecosystem. The Java programmers will have evolved with time to leave a mark.

Listed below are the top Java trends, tools, techniques, features that Java developers need to learn for 2020.

  • Git

Git has been one of the most popular Java tools in the world. It is considered as one of the most remarkable tools for Java developers . Git is an open-source tool which is a fantastic distributed version control solution.

The tool is curated specifically to manage each and everything, starting from the minor to huge projects. Also, the tool enables the high speed and efficiency of the projects.

The tool is not only very quick to learn, but it is extremely useful as well. One of the most eminent features of Git is that offers a lightning-fast performance. There are several ways to learn and understand Git, and one of the best ways is to opt for an online course from Udemy or any other noteworthy online institute.

  • Focus more on OpenJDK

OpenJDK is free of cost implementation of Java SE. It contains the contributions not only from the Java community but also from Oracle. Also, there are several binaries of OpenJDK that are present in the latest version of Java. The ideology of the community contribution as well as the open-source contribution is not fading away.

It will turn out to be pretty helpful for the Java developers. Therefore, the company is trying to upgrade OpenJDK. As a lot of contributions have been added in OpenJDK, therefore, the developers have to be mindful of trusting any one of the contributions.

  • Learn more about Unit Testing

To build your career, you should focus on mastering unit testing as it will turn out to be quite valuable. A large variety of new frameworks, features, techniques, and tools are accessible to the Java developers that are perfect for a unit test.

Also, there are tools for integration testing as well, including PowerMock. Also, the developers would want to study Robot Framework, as it eases the process of automated integration tests.

Therefore, improving your coding skills is not enough, rather you should focus on enhancing your unit testing skills. To learn unit testing, you will find a lot of options, like online and offline courses. However, the best way is to practice testing and make sure that your testing skills are up to the mark.

Java for mobile developments

Mobile application development is expected to grow at a massive pace in the coming years. As per one of the reports, it is believed that the smartphone shipment globally may reach 1.6 billion by the year 2020.

Therefore, in 2020, the Java developers should focus on the new tips, tools, and trends related to the developments for smartphones. A large number of Android programmers prefer Java over any other programming language.

This is because they believe that Java is reliable and can help them to develop good quality products for mobile platforms.

Java is considered as one of the most adaptable languages for making modern mobile applications. It runs on a wide range of platforms including Android. One of the most famous operating systems, Android is written in this language.

Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that by learning Java, you would be able to develop superb mobile applications for the Android OS. Also, if you want to take control of the future of mobile application technology then you should focus on learning Java for mobile app development.

Apart from, even Kotlin is turning out to be pretty valuable

And, when it comes to the Android app development, Kotlin seems to be quite a hit amongst the developers. Businesses have been interested in learning or rather mastering Kotlin to develop impressive Java-based products for mobile phones.

Thus, the demand of Kotlin and the Kotlin developers is also increasing day by day. To learn Kotlin, you may get several online and offline options. There are some tutorials like the Kotlin Bootcamp by codebase and many others.

The tutorials believe in offering practical knowledge to the learners so that the developers can quickly grasp the understanding of Kotlin.

Java developers, don’t forget to practice more

The best way to move up the ladder of success of Java is to practice more and more. Practicing Java projects will help you to get a hang of the language and even the new features and tools easily. Additionally, if you will practice making new projects, then you will find Java to be quite easy and quick. Also, make sure you take advice from the Java experts to learn more about Java.

Java developers should also focus on mastering their communication skills. Communication skills play a vital role if you want to land a great job as a programmer. Also, if you want to boost your career, then keep upgrading all your skills including your communication skills.

Also, keep an eye on the upcoming events and conferences related to Java to gain more and more knowledge of the latest happenings in the world of Java.

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