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It’s not the Big Tech. Stupid!

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Is this Silicon Valley’s Marie-Antoinette moment?

The New York Times just published an op-ed on how “Silicon Valley Can’t Destroy Democracy Without Our Help”.

Its arguments are simple:

  • Twitter could work harder to fight hate speech”, but…
  • “Facebook’s algorithms may encourage echo chambers”, but…
  • It has become popular to demonize Silicon Valley”, but…

So it’s not the technology.

It’s not the CEOs either.

It’s not the speculation-fueled industry.

It’s not the lack of ethics and morals.

It’s not the distrust in democracy and values.

It’s not the attraction towards far-right ideologies.


… it’s the users.

Yeah. If the Big Tech is destroying our democracies, it’s your fault.

The author — who happens to be a former startupper having sold her company to the new company of Facebook co-founder, makes an analogy with sugar and the obesity epidemic.

Even if there were some relations, the author forgets that the huge scandal is that the agro-industry has been voluntarily trying to hide the impact of sugar for decades, causing deaths in the millions and more — don’t miss “Sugar The Bither Truth” by Robert Lustig.

Are we really there?

What’s next? “Let Them Eat Cake”? That won’t end well.


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