Is now the best time to Invest in Blockchain Business? Raising Millions in seconds! by@karthickmediatrackrecords

Is now the best time to Invest in Blockchain Business? Raising Millions in seconds!

April 16th 2019 5,566 reads
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An Extensive Guide for Blockchain Investments

Digital Currencies have taken the world by storm already! We are in a revolution which has portrayed the foredeals of decentralization. Once the investors and traders understand how the technology behind digital currencies works, the future of finance is here. Moreover, there are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies available in the market.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Potential Risks before investing in Blockchain

2.1. How to invest in blockchain without cryptocurrencies?

2.2. How do you invest in blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies?

2.2.1 Importance of Cryptocurrencies while investing in Blockchain

2.3 Is this the right time to invest? Will Cryptocurrencies has any great impacts on my business?

3. Why approaching best blockchain startups to invest in for reaped profits?

3.1. So what are the blockchain tech companies to invest in?

4. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Nearly every transaction we undertake is managed by a middleman. If you pay for something in a shop with a debit card, you actually rely on the bank to make your transaction happen. If you want to send a message, you rely on the network or message provider.

At the simplest level, Blockchain is a sophisticated distributed database controlled by everyone using it, rather than one central authority like a bank or payment processor. With Blockchain, there is no such intruder who can monitor all your transactions!

Let’s start to crank up your business with Blockchain right away!!

2. Potential Risks before investing in Blockchain

One of the interesting fact to be noted down is the projected market value for Blockchain technology in the year 2020 is around $60 billion it seems!! Moreover, the amount of global market blockchain is expected to be worth in 2024 with $20 million!

Anyway, before investing your money in Blockchain, you need to know the potential risks associated!


Data privacy laws are changing to catch up with the technology sharing user data. Is there any crucial factor other than security? Although it may be difficult to achieve simultaneous security and privacy in a conventional information system, blockchain can do by enabling confidentiality through “public key infrastructure” that protects against malicious attempts to alter the data and by maintaining the size of the ledger. The larger and more the network is, the more secure it is believed to be!

Other perceived concerns about blockchain include limited scalability, insufficient data privacy, and lack of harmonized industry standards!

For instance, even with encryption techniques in Blockchain, the transactions can be seen throughout the network nodes.


In distributed ledger protocols, every node stores and processes the transactions and maintains the copy of the entire state of account balances, contracts, storages and so on! Running a full node allows users to have privacy and security but it is cumbersome as the number of transactions is increasing, making scalability a difficult one!

If in case developers increase the size of the block to accommodate more transactions, the volume of data that needs to be stored grows as well! Therefore as each node reaches capacity, only a few Blockchain software companies will have the resources to run them, putting centralization and scalability at odds.


To get around privacy issues, a blockchain operator may store personal data and the reference to this data off-chain with the hash of the information which is a one way of information of data to an unreadable piece of information.

Added, storing off-chain data reduces transparency and immutability and increases the risk of lost or stolen personal information as it is spread across other networks.

Crypto Jacking

Hackers have found the possible way to take the complete advantage of Crypto-Mining process which also includes taking over the smartphone’s processing power through your web browser to mine digital currencies. Once the malware is installed on the devices, hackers could have unprecedented control, welcoming the huge can of cybersecurity worms!

So do the potential benefits of the blockchain outweigh the risks? In short, yes, but as long it is handled and executed properly!

Any system has vulnerabilities. In today’s technology-driven financial sector, supervisory and advisory firms require to facilitate innovation while securing stability, consumer protection, and competition.

This actually means that new digital services must be designed such that cybersecurity and data-privacy compliance integrated from the outset.

Well, with all these potential risks in mind, there are Blockchain companies available readily in the market to overcome all these issues!

Therefore ensure these risks before investing! If you are planning to invest, it can be made in a couple of ways:

  • Investing in Blockchain without cryptocurrencies.
  • Investing in Blockchain with cryptocurrencies.

Let’s know more something to a deeper extent!

2.1. How to invest in blockchain without cryptocurrencies?

Does Blockchain without Cryptocurrencies make sense? This is a question worth asking! You would probably be aware of Shipment tracking which is one application of Blockchain in the domain of transportation and logistics. Smart Contracts are yet another since blockchain has essence code, programmable and automatically execute actions when certain events are hashed to the chain.

Payments can also be made using blockchain tokens, rather than dealing with floated cryptocurrencies that experience volatility, the token value is fixed to US dollars. The token governs the transaction and is executed on the based on the terms of the smart contract. Once a triggering event happens, a transfer of value goes to payee from the payor. The funds are guaranteed by a bank that stands in the value of USD.

Blockchain ledgers are used to record the activity of the transaction, the history, the tokes that are instantly converted during the settlement. The token holds value and is transferable. This means that the bank which has provided the settlement service could trade the code that has a finite value. The value of this is based on the cash flows that the token is expected to generate throughout its life.

Now you can invest in Blockchain Technology without using Cryptocurrencies!

Blockchain Consortium

Organizations which has grouped together in blockchain consortium or open source project. The two main players here are:


This was founded in 2016 by Linux Foundation, Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effect created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. They have a global collaboration over 30 founding corporates of diverse domains.

Hyperledger members are categorized into premium, general and associate members. Premium members include the likes of Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), IBM (NYSE: IBM), Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU), American Express (NYSE: AXP), Airbus (EPA: AIR) and JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM)

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

EEA connects corporates, startups, academics and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts!

With these strategies, one can invest in blockchain without cryptocurrencies.

Yet other ways include:

  • Overstock
  • MasterCard
  • International Business Machines
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Nvidia
  • Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF
  • Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF
  • Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust

2.2 How do you invest in blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies?

Well, the Founder of Coinjanitor Marc Kenigsberg says “Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.” With Blockchain footprinted in every single domain, 69% of banks are experimenting with permissioned blockchains states the Tech In Asia, 2017.

Undoubtedly, this would be a great strategy if you are looking for seamless profits. Moreover, Blockchain has gained popularity due to its role as an underlying technology in Bitcoin.

Now coming to your question how to make money investing in the blockchain, there are huge ways associated.

To make money with Blockchain, you can follow the below roadways!

Invest with Best Blockchain companies

Hiring the perfect people can provide you with excellent business. If you require suggestions on the same, we have dealt with it in the next sections

Invest in Crowdfunding platforms

The Blockchain startups in their infancy will usually look for Crowdfunding strategy to get off the ground. If you have heard of a platform called BnkToTheFuture will potentially allow investors to place their money into several Bitcoin and Blockchain startups.

Initial Coin Offering

Blockchain Companies issue cryptocurrencies or other tokens through Initial Coin Offerings to raise the capital.

So, what are the popular cryptocurrencies can I invest in?

There are several paths one can take while planning to invest in cryptocurrencies but a handful of these would definitely help you to uprise your trading.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoi
  • Ripple
  • ZCash

Bitcoin Price hike is already ruling the world. With surging to 5,239.55 United States Dollar, it is the best time for investors right now to get into trading! However, if you make your mind to choose others, well you can!!

2.2.1. Importance of Cryptocurrencies while investing in Blockchain

Here are the optimum reasons why opting cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to invest in will reap profits to your trade!

Decentralized Payment System

Decentralized systems pertaining to high-end privacy can be a potential factor for investing.

With no middleman or intruder on the roadway, you have the complete responsibility of monitoring or keeping track of payment instantly! Moreover, transparency is maintained.


When Cryptocurrency is created, all confirmed transactions are stored in a public ledger. All identities of coin owners are encrypted to ensure the legitimacy of record keeping. Since the currency is decentralized, you own it completely.

Seamless Development in Technology

As we already know Bitcoin is in a state of volatility, the same gets applicable to the technology as well. If you seek for the best companies to invest in blockchain technology, the possible success factor are the developers behind!

With technological updation done every time, every enhancing features are added onto the network.

Bitcoin is scarce but demand is high

As Bitcoin is noted as the most popular cryptocurrency across the globe, the demand in the market is a way high! But the very nagging problem is that there are only 21 million bitcoins, and out of that 17 million has already been mined. So we are left with 4 million only, which is refreshing sooner than expected. Hence, it is smart to invest in Bitcoin.

High Adoption rate

When compared to other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin tops the list for its adoption rate. The reason is it has built credibility. If you look at E-Commerce pillars such as Apple, Amazon, they have already plumped for Blockchain Technology!

It would be a perfect time to hire blockchain companies to invest in there are a bunch of startups available already who are the masters in Blockchain technology providers!

2.3 Is this the right time to invest? Will Cryptocurrencies has any great impacts on my business?

With Bitcoin Price Hike, investors are in a dilemma to invest in Blockchain technology. Here are a few reasons, why investing in Blockchain can be the better way!

International Data Corporation (IDC) has a lot to tell about Blockchain industries and Companies using Blockchain technology. IDC is the premier provider with aspects of marketing intelligence, telecommunications, advisory services, etc.

Here you can find the consolidated data from 2006 to 2021.


As per IDC, the global blockchain is slated to reach $9.7billion in the year 2021 which started with $945million in 2017!

Added, there are many crucial reasons behind them:

  • High ROI
  • Enhanced growth potential
  • Conceited Rights

And much more!

So you can estimate the significance of this particular talking about technology in the coming years. From Blockchain startups to enterprise, businesses are going to boom at a rapid rate!

3. Why approaching best blockchain startups to invest in for reaped profits?

With feature-packed benefits already associated with Blockchain, opting the right people and Blockchain development company can assist you for greater heights!

Well, coming to the question of how to invest in blockchain technology, the difficulty of buying bitcoins depends on your country. Developed countries have more options and more liquidity.

Even though Blockchain is arguably one of the emerging technologies right now, do you think hiring Blockchain Companies can be an alternate way for profit? If yes, it is hard to find the desired company with the right set of people and skillset. Since the concept of Cryptocurrency is somewhat new, one needs to be important while hiring!

While picking the List of Blockchain companies, look for their high-end expertise, similar products worked on, testimonials from clients, the team and much more factors. Selecting Companies developing blockchain can help you with bunched benefits such as reduced costs, technological updation, profits, etc!!

3.1. So what are the blockchain tech companies to invest in?

Google has already filled with a hell lot of questions surrounding, how to invest in blockchain 2020? Who are the best providers? And much more!! The reason behind this is enhancement made in Blockchain Development!

Hiring Blockchain companies not only bring profit but also thrives trust. If you look for best blockchain companies to invest in 2019, there are a plethora of startups who have unveiled potential challenges and outvies in the crypto space.

If you are looking for any suggestions or queries, we people are readily available to help you with the work done!! With our high-end expertise, you can Hire Blockchain developers since we have delivered customized applications to the clientele across the globe!!

4. Conclusion

Further down the line, Blockchain development has the potential to transform the way all to operate, particularly to operate the way candidates and sources are verified. The Blockchain has brought the concept of irrevocable proofs and the ability to prove that something occurred when it exactly occurred.

This is going to be the distinct time to get into crypto business!!

Hope you liked the article!!

Do leave your comments and feedback for our enhancement!!

Thank you :)

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