Is Google Actually an Evil Corporation? by@TheLoneroFoundation

Is Google Actually an Evil Corporation?

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When asked about Google, there has been a lot to say over the years. Google done some things right, and seemingly some things very wrong. As far as conspiracies go, Google does seem to have a CIA connection (see video below). This even roots back to potential government research, and missing gaps on how they have been funded in the early stage.

Outside of this, Google has had its fair share of controversies the past few years.

Google's Dark Side

The most recent controversies include:

When people thought the contact tracing privacy fears were a conspiracy, a related study suggested they are collecting massive amounts of data. Even Elizabeth Warren thinks it might be time to break up big tech (which to some extent she is right, and some extent she is very wrong).

Nothing is wrong with mergers or trying to competitively make barriers to competition. However, lobbying to create laws that basically create "government-enforced" monopolies is a horrid thing.

Keep in mind all these things I just mentioned were only the recent criticisms in regards to Google and how they operate.

Google has the motto "Don't be Evil", which they changed to "Do the Right Thing".

That seems all fine and dandy, but imagine if a restaurant said, "Don't serve rotten food," or a pool company said, "Don't drown your customers". A tech company directly saying don't be evil makes you wonder if it is a fallacy given the type of activities going on.

Now, I am not trying to imply Google is evil. I'm not even saying most of these allegations are true. However, personally I'm not a big fan. Google in essence does seem to have some privacy issues, and I am concerned about how much power they actually have over the current internet today. Perhaps, any company the size of Google may also be facing the same thing.

Based on how the ranking algorithms work, what has been going on over the years, my distaste in geolocation tracking, and search based recommendations, I feel like better solutions are needed to fit with modern society's needs. Let's just say there are reasons why I have my Decentralized-Internet, Lonero, and the software I'm working on.

I think decentralized internet is the future and the time to start working towards that future is now.


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