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iOS vs Android: Which is the best pick for Mobile App Development?

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Worldwide, Android and iOS are famous and widely utilized mobile OS platforms; that's why nowadays it is very challenging to choose between them.

Did You Know? 

As per the StatCounter report, mobile apps currently account for 55.73% of intact internet traffic globally, while desktop has accounted for just 41.46%. 

The global mobile app market produced a $106.27B revenue in 2018 and is estimated to reach $407.31B by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 18.4% between 2018 - 2021.

Let's Do a Comparative Analysis of iOS Vs. Android.


Android and iOS both are very popular and give a neck to neck competition, and that's why it is really difficult to choose one. So, I will suggest you choose the platform as per your business demand and requirements.

If you want your mobile app to work on both iOS and Android, then go with hybrid mobile app development. This will help you run an app on both platforms in a very simple manner. 


Several companies, peoples, and developers have numerous questions in their mind related to iOS and Android, and those are:

  • Why iOS for app development?
  • iOS vs Android which is better?
  • Why Android is better than iOS?
  • Hire iOS app developers or Android app developers? And many more.

In order to answer such types of questions here in the iOS vs Android development blog, I have stated various factors related to Android and iOS, and this will help pick the best one for your mobile apps.  

If you are confused about choosing the best for custom application development, then contact experts who work in a named mobile app development company,  they will help you make a decision on whether to hire iOS developers or Android developers.


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