Investing in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest [Part One] by@newsletters

Investing in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest [Part One]

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Technological advancement has changed everything. The current pace is unbelievably fast. This is true for learning as well.

Learning processes are evolving. Nowadays, the old rules are just not working anymore. You can't just study something at college, and use it for the rest of your life. It's time for adaptation.

Life is getting very competitive and if you don't adapt, you, your family, and kids are in trouble.

Please, don't underestimate things. Especially in tech. The more people work on solutions, the sooner a lot of developers will become obsolete.

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Stories like "China starts to use AI for learning" or "China invests 2 Billion into e-learning" or similar, show us this trend.

I'm not trying to tell you that your local teachers suck.

They are still good. I'm just showing you how technology is changing this game.

To be honest, I'm scared, but I'm also happy to watch this stuff. It's like being near a launching pod at SpaceX, where you can see how a rocket, created by skills of many talented people, is tricking gravitation rules.

Or maybe soon we'll have VR classrooms? Or someone will use virtual tech from Coachella, and instead of 2Pac, you'll see a projection of your teacher?

Do you think it's impossible?

Let's compare how doctors studied human "structure" a century ago. They studied our organs on 2d images and played around with real human bodies for practical lessons. Today, you can see a 3d model of organs, or watch a detailed surgery from different cameras on YouTube.

That said, save more money for education, not entertainment.


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