Hackernoon logoIntroduction to Great Expectations, an Open Source Data Science Tool by@kyleweaton

Introduction to Great Expectations, an Open Source Data Science Tool

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@kyleweatonKyle Eaton

Community Manager of Great Expectations

This is the first completed webinar of our “Great Expectations 101” series. The goal of this webinar is to show you what it takes to deploy and run Great Expectations successfully.

By the end of the video you’ll be able to:

  • Create and edit Expectation Suites
  • Configure new Datasources
  • Understand what Great Expectations does under the hood
  • Validate your data with Great Expectations
  • Navigate validation output in Data Docs

We will continue to host more sessions on how to implement and utilize Great Expectations. To be informed of future events like this please sign up to be informed here: Sign up form.

We also announce events in our Slack channel

Previously published at https://greatexpectations.io/blog/getting-started-webinar-video/


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