Introducting Kripto Galaxy Battle: A New Idle “Play-to-Earn” Game on KardiaChainby@kriptobattle
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Introducting Kripto Galaxy Battle: A New Idle “Play-to-Earn” Game on KardiaChain

by Kripto Galaxy BattleOctober 15th, 2021
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Kripto Galaxy Battle is the new Idle blockchain Game on KardiaChain which is facilitated by Defi-platform BecoSwap. Users in-game can start playing from less than $10USD by owning the NFTs and $KABA token. The Idle game promises to help you "play to earn" while saving you time!

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featured image - Introducting Kripto Galaxy Battle: A New Idle “Play-to-Earn” Game on KardiaChain
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After DeFi, blockchain gaming is on its way to be the next big cryptocurrency market trend. The success of Axie Infinity has proved that blockchain gaming has tremendous potential to grow, creating a new race to many other Gamefi projects. Another promising one that is receiving astonishing hype from the community recently is Kripto Galaxy Battle, a new idle “Play-to-earn” game on KardiaChain.

4 types of NFT assets in the game

What is Kripto Galaxy Battle?

Kripto Galaxy Battle is an Idle NFT game built on KardiaChain which aims to create a mass-adoption and Play-to-earn ecosystem. It is a strategy game set in a future universe, where participants will explore the galaxy searching for rare gems. Users will have enjoyable gaming experiences and gain profits by completing in-game quests, collecting NFT items, and selling them on Marketplace. The game is the collaboration between a fully-experienced game studio Cyforce and a Defi Platform — BecoSwap.

Kripto Galaxy Battle - First statistics surpassed expectations

Kripto Galaxy Battle had successful IFO on BecoSwap with a considerably high oversubscribe of 1200% and 4 million USD committed on BecoSwap Launch Pad. It has been backed by Kardia Ventures and VNDC Ventures. After the first Pre-sale NFT (Robot), there are approximately 1000 NFT holders and over 2000 successful transactions of NFT on the Marketplace. About 1M volume of BECO transactions after 1 week and 3M volume of KAI transactions less than a month on the Marketplace.

BECOSWAP NFT Marketplace, where Kripto Galaxy Battle in-game characters are on sale.

What makes Kripto Galaxy Battle special?

An idle blockchain game - “Play to earn” while saving your time

Kripto Galaxy Battle is idle and it focuses on building strategies instead of spending hours playing games. Idle games, also known as incremental games or clicker games, are games where players can choose to actively interact with the game, or simply allow it to run in the background. This ability to have the game continue to operate without constant oversight and input gives idle games a level of flexibility not seen in other game genres. In the blockchain gaming space, one of the key features is to reward players for playing. That way, an idle blockchain game like Kripto Galaxy Battle is a perfect combination that provides even busy people with a way to enjoy gaming and earning while spending little time on it.

Small entry budget for everyone to start playing game

To start playing in the game, players need at least 2 robots, 1 monster and 1 planet. Each NFT - Robots, Monsters and Planets - costs 5 KABA (or can be bought on Becoswap NFT Marketplace). So you need at least 20 KABA to start the Gems mining feature in the game. This means players need only less than $10 dollars to start their “Play-to-earn” journey, which fits with small budget investors. People can earn from in-game events, mineral farming or assemble unique robots/monsters and earn from NFT trading, depending on users’ strategies.

A perfect combination of NFT gaming and DeFi with an intriguing storyline

Kripto Galaxy Battle is a perfect combination of NFT gaming and DeFi: The game is developed on KardiaChain by Cyforce Game Studio & BecoSwap.

BecoSwap is the runner-up of the KardiaChain Pioneer Program. The DeFi protocol helps users earn and win tokens with Launchpad, Game, Yield Farm, Lottery, NFTs. With BecoSwap, Kripto Galaxy Battle will get easier to develop the infrastructure and economy, which facilitated further development, especially in DeFi, for example, farming, staking features, or even the NFT marketplace.

In other words, users can craft in-game characters and items on BecoSwap Platform and trade on Becoswap NFT Marketplace, no longer having to wait like other projects.

Meanwhile, Cyforce is a game studio that succeeded in developing mobile games with 100 million installs on Google Play and App Store. Moreover, Cyforce also has developed exclusive Stickman games for OneSoft Global — the international-scale game publisher behind Falcon Squad, 1945 Air Force, Emoji Block Puzzle with a whopping 50+ debuts, 300 million installs and 5 million daily active users.

Kripto Galaxy Battle's storyline - a science fiction with a wide scope spanning from different planets, is also a factor that entices many people: As resources on earth get scarce in the future, humans have to conduct exploration of the universe to search for Gems containing great energy and high value. The continuous exploration put an end to the period of peace in the galaxy and kicked off the wars to invade the planet, loot Gems are constantly happening. To survive and thrive, the players will have to be talented strategists as the game play requires a mix of NFTs set (robots, monsters, items and planets) to participate in each in-game event. A great strategy will help players build the best team for GEM mining, PvE/Campaign mode, PvP/Leaderboard or plunder resources from other players.

Gene, Attribute, Assemble and Mutation - Thought-provoking Game Features

The character's features are interesting yet challenging. In Kripto Galaxy Battle, characters are impressive by their diversity in appearance and strength. Robots and Monsters (KChar) - two main characters in-game can combine to create new powerful characters according to the principles of genetics.

Robots and Monsters’ appearances are determined by Attributes in its genetic code. Each Attribute is responsible for a different trait of a Kripto Galaxy Battle's character. For each Attribute, Robots & Monsters have four genes including one single Primary gene (the one that gets expressed in the Robot’s appearance) and Three Hidden genes, which do not have any impact on Kchar's appearance but might appear on its offspring when Assemble. Therefore, between many categories there are billions of possible combinations. This quenches the thirst for those who love collectibles and makes Attributes become one of the most interesting aspects of Kripto Galaxy Battle. It's a great place to start for new players to learn the game. Especially, the new NFT characters may have Mutations that make them highly valuable and powerful inside and outside the game.

If a mutation happens, they will generate a new Gene. An example of mutation map could be described as below:

Achieving a specific mutation is not an easy matter: Players must breed two KChar that each possesses one of the traits needed to combine to stand a small chance of achieving that mutation according to the gene principles, which makes the game more challenging, thus appealing.

Another way to own a M1, M2 or other NFTs is by purchasing on the BecoSwap Marketplace, yet the price should be equal to the difficulty of finding it out. Spending time assembling Gen-O NFTs is much more affordable and entertaining, which will also create advantages for early investors, who hold Gen-O NFTs from Private Sale.

About the TokenEconomics Kripto Galaxy Battle Token ($KABA) is a token that uses KRC-20 technology. Its aim is to avoid inflation by limiting the maximum token quantity to five millions tokens (5,000,000) that will be distributed in the ecosystem of the game. The $KABA token will be used for:

  • Payment: Most assets in the game will be payable using KABA tokens. You will use KABA to craft assets gained from the NFT market or participate in events.

  • Staking: After that, you can choose to stake either KABA token or NFTs assets into pools. The rewards will be returned as new items or KABA tokens.

  • Rewards: In the game, after having the powerful robots, users simply can also get KABA tokens via missions and gems mining. You can also earn KABA after winning the battles and events.

  • Breed: Players will use KABA to own and assemble in-game characters.

    How to “invest and earn” in Kripto Galaxy Battle?

    There are two tokens of the game: $KABA and $GEM. While $KABA is used as a cryptocurrency/main token within Kripto Galaxy Battle, $GEM are tokens used to upgrade, participate in battles, attend events and redeem rewards. Investors will earn $KABA in different ways including playing games, staking, breeding the NFT to get higher value NFTs to trade or trading tokens on Kaidex as the $KABA token has already been published. If you are a game player and are interested in the “play-to-earn" feature, you will need 2 Robots, 1 Monster and 1 Planet to start mining $GEM - the in-game asset. Staking features will be soon published, and one can choose to stake either KABA token or NFTs assets into pools. The rewards will be returned as new items or KABA tokens.

The game’s roadmap How do the game makers earn from this?

The revenue models come from a certain percentage of assembly fees. The higher numbers of players join the game, the higher demand of NFTs buying pressure on the market, and more tokens to be spent to Assemble features.

Final thoughts:

Some questions have been raised whether Kripto Galaxy Battle in particular or blockchain games in general are ponzi schemes, yet Cyforce Game Studio’s CEO aka Kripto Galaxy Battle’s Co-founder Mr. Nguyen Vu Son is very confident with the strategic development of the project, from the decision on the game genre to the collaboration of Game-Fi on Kardiachain with BecoSwap: Kripto Galaxy Battle will be suitable for a wide range of players from those who love collectibles, investors to the game players who might need to put in some money to start playing, yet they can recover that after some amount of time. That way, Kripto Galaxy Battle will bring real investment and entertainment for any user.

More information about Kripto Galaxy Battle: Website: Telegram Chat: Telegram Announcement: Discord:


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