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Introducing Yet Another JWT Debugger

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@abhishek-tiwariAbhishek Tiwari

Introducing a new JWT Debugger App - our way to contribute back to the developer community. The app is available on the web and as Desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and Mac. With JWT Debugger App we immediately highlight what really matters to you as a developer without any shenanigans. It is a very simple tool but we hope it will improve the developer experience.

But why?

If you are a developer working with JWT tokens then most likely you use a debugger tool to decode and validate your tokens. Unfortunately, most of the web-based tools lack a few important features and UX generally terrible. For instance, if you are working with sensitive JWT tokens probably you want to avoid pasting them online. Moreover, existing tools currently donโ€™t support JWKS Endpoint based token validation.

So what's different?

Firstly, we draw inspiration from some of the existing JWT debuggers and improved on the UX side as well as added a few new features. We show you the most important information about the token on the top. Secondly, JWT Debugger App supports token validation using both JWKS Endpoint and PEM/Secret Keys.

Most of the authentication services like Auth0, Okta, Cognito provide JSON Web Key Set ( JWKS) Endpoint so rather than copying and pasting keys you can just provide a JWKS URL and perform the token validation.

In future versions, we will allow the app to remember the keys so you don't have to enter again and again.

JWT Debugger App itself is open-source and released under MIT license. If you find any issues or like to add a feature just open a Github ticket and we will love to help and contribute back to the community.

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