Introducing the Nudie NFT Community and the Project's All-Female Team by@hier

Introducing the Nudie NFT Community and the Project's All-Female Team

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Nudie Community is a project that features otherworldly hairless cats that explore the galaxy and find civilizations to help. Not only that, we humans, it seems, were chosen by them! I mean, how else do we explain our pyramids which look very much like their spaceships?!

They are coming with their population of 10,000 and over 300 hand-drawn traits! But the coolest part is they have an all-female NFT Team with their leader LeSandre Morris, their designer Hayley Elsaesser and their developer Katia Gilligan. Let’s get to know them!

LeSandre Morris is a serial entrepreneur who loves challenging herself to pursue new projects. Her enthusiasm for the future and technology brought her to the NFT community. However, what she saw when she arrived in the NFT space was the fact that it was a male-dominated field.

She immediately set out to assemble an all-female team to become a powerhouse! So it was only fitting to recruit Hayley Elsaesser as the designer! Hayley is a prominent Canadian fashion designer and creative director that founded her eponymous label in 2012 off inclusivity and diversity.

Her eye-catching designs and candy-coated prints have been showcased on runways from Sydney, New York, and Toronto Fashion Weeks and have even attracted the likes of Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kesha, and Joe Jonas.

Hayley has a very impressive collaboration history working with the world's biggest brands such as Nike, Microsoft, Google, Barbie, Xbox, L’Oreal, Coors and many more. However, it doesn’t stop there! The developer is in a league of her own. Katia Gilligan is a baker turned software engineer. A couple of years ago, she started learning programming in her free time in-between baking shifts and quickly transitioned into the tech industry. Now, she is working for Microsoft full-time as a software engineer in Office and is a viral online educator and promoter for people interested in pursuing a career in tech.

Nudie Community aims to endorse an egalitarian community via a DAO where every single holder's voice can be heard through the entire NFT space! 1 NFT = 1 Vote. Their holders will control where funds go with full transparency.

Their DAO fund starts at minting and will continue to be fueled by 25% of their secondary-market royalties. They have amazing features and utilities already underway. Make sure to keep an eye on this project, it may just be the next blue chip!






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