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Introducing Myself

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@martian4xMichael Reuben

Algorithm Forex Trader | Python, Php, Mq4 Developer | An Alien

I have stumble upon this site looking for some solutions for my Django problem, and I loved it. I decided to signup and share my views on technology and apps development. I'm like 5 years experience PHP and JavaScript developer, although in that time I have developed one Angulajs mobile app.
On my PHP development time I have spend most of time on Laravel PHP framework and Jquery library developing some hospital and few small business web apps. So I can say I know my way around Laravel and PHP in general.
Recently I have started developing a Django app for my trading activities. So as you can tell I'm new to python and Django world, since I do have a strong PHP knowledge I think I'm gonna adapt real quickly and smoothly.
Lastly I'm also Metaquote4 developer, it's a c based programming language for Metatrader 4 trading platform. Its a language I use to develop my trading robots (EA: Expert Advisors).
I will be posting about those topics on this site and I hope I gonna learn a lot from you guys. From Tanzania, Asante Sana


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