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Introducing Muriel

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@OrkoHunterHimanshu Mishra

An electron app to binge-watch anything, without being bored

Muriel is a cross platform app for watching a long series (TV, Documentaries, etc.) in a random order such that no video is repeated until all the others have been watched already.

Why to use it?

We often re-watch a lot of our favorite TV Series. Some of us also have a directory full of our favorite TED talks. Or a directory full of selected videos (ahem!). After completing the whole thing once (and if we like it), we often watch one random episode anytime we feel like it. In this pseudo-random process of ours, there is a high chance of recurrence of episodes in the short duration, which ultimately makes us bored and we quit watching.

Muriel keeps a shuffled order of episodes and doesn’t let any episode repeat unless all the others have been watched the same number of times.

What is electron?

Electron is a framework which allows us to build desktop apps in Javascript, HTML and CSS. This is at the least, a revolution in the times of everything being a web app. Electron is also the easiest way to build cross platform apps now-a-days.

Muriel is Open Source ❤

Check out the repository

Fork, clone and play with it. If you are new to Electron, perfect ! I learnt it roughly 36 hours ago. So, expect the codebase to be pretty rudimentary.

Thank you for reading !

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