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Introducing Locals: the higher end Airbnb in China.

Airbnb, can you try this too?

So this is my come back video. I included my video in the end. If you like to see me talking about what I think about this company, click my video at the end. But for the people who doesn’t have the time. Just read… 2 mins.

Locals is a startup from China, and it is providing service like a higher end airbnb service. I share this story because I think maybe business or entrepreneurs can take advantage of this idea? Or maybe airbnb can use this to have a test group. The service they provide helps the host a lot.

  1. In order to list your room, you have to meet higher standard in design, quality of toiletry or bedding, and even interior design has to be good, but then they also have designers, or contractors. You as a host can take advantage of all these services. I am pretty sure you have to pay, but would be good if they already have certain standard, and you probably pay less, like a franchise right.
  2. Higher standard means higher price. On average they charge 550 rmb per night, that is 2X as their general competitors. But according to them, the occupancy rate is 70%. Then that makes a good income.
  3. They assign an assistant to every host, one of those assistant will take care of 5 host or something like that. I feel very good about this feature, I have to say as airbnb grows, hosts are getting less support. If I know I can go to certain person for help as a host, I would be very happy.

4. Their investors include: Zhen Fund, ShunWei Capitol, HongTai fund. Pretty big investors. And Shunwei is under XiaoMi.

This is still a small company, but hey! let’s be early adopters. Haven’t really tried them yet, but want to at least share the idea.

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