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Introducing Enlight: Open-source programming tutorials

Enlight in 6 words

A couple years ago, a young boy who just had entered his teen years took on the challenge of taking a codeacademy course on HTML & CSS. Little did he know that his passion for technology, sparked with the first sight of an iPod Touch at age 8, would be ever-present in his life to this day.

That naive 13 year old was me. And, I can say with confidence that although I have matured in my skills, I am still learning. In fact, we all are learning.

That’s why I created Enlight — A place for us to contribute our knowledge in the form of projects. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, both sides of the table benefit with the beginner educating themselves and the expert sharing what truly is priceless, knowledge.

Enlight is a little side project of mine which is intended to be a hub for all projects development related. Built a cool image classifier in Python? Or a sick iOS game? Awesome! Write a tutorial and share it with the world :)

This site isn’t supposed to be a course. It is supposed to be a compilation of tutorials to guide you to making real apps. Sure, you can know every single object or function property, but can you use them? Enlight tutorials reference the topic while implementing it in the project itself, so that you understand every part of the process.

Knowledge is of no value unless it is put into practice — Anton Chekhov

With this being said, I urge you to check out Enlight and give it a try! And if you’ve built something that you think we can all benefit from, feel free to submit a pull request and have it featured on the site.

Happy coding!

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