Introducing AutoGPT – The Newest AI Agent Under the Spotlight by@lizakosh
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Introducing AutoGPT – The Newest AI Agent Under the Spotlight

by Liza KoshApril 28th, 2023
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AutoGPT is a new AI agent that generates prompts by itself and operates independently, utilizing GPT-4 and accessing the internet to execute commands. AutoGPT can search the internet for information, generate text, access popular websites and platforms, and summarize files. The tool opens up possibilities to create custom marketing tools, seamless AI quizzes, and lead magnets for lead generation, and to deploy and monetize prompts for specific use cases. While AutoGPT is not yet a polished product and can be expensive to run, it is a revolutionary tool with immense potential.
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While ChatGPT is still basking in all the attention it has received over the last few months, AI agents birthed from the tool are giving it close competition already. And the latest member to join this league is AutoGPT – an AI agent that generates prompts by itself and operates independently!

Taking You Back to the Start

Who knew something that started as a fun side project would become the talk of the digital world? I am fairly confident that even the inventor, who goes by the name Significant Gravitas, would not have anticipated a response so overwhelming when he first shared AutoGPT on GitHub. The torchbearer of AI agents, AutoGPT utilizes GPT-4 while also accessing the internet to execute commands – everything on its own.

According to Significant Gravitas, the key features of AutoGPT include:

  1. Can search the internet for gathering information
  2. Long-and-short-term memory management
  3. Text generation using GPT-4
  4. Can access a variety of popular websites and platforms
  5. File storage and summarization powered by GPT-3.5

The How

AutoGPT categorizes actions as thoughts, reasoning, and criticism.

Since it is a GitHub project, using AutoGPT is certainly not as easy as accessing a website (well, some of you hackers are of course an exception). For the unversed, in order to get the most out of AutoGPT, you will need certain things:

  • Python 3.8 or a more recent version

  • An OpenAI API key

  • A Pinecone API key (optional)

  • An ElevenLabs API (only if you want to enable the text-to-speech feature)

You can find more instructions, links to these requirements, the setup, and other critical information on Significant Gravitas' GitHub.


As you might have guessed already, AutoGPT opens doors to a million new possibilities with how efficient it is. With GPT-4 having established its credibility and expertise already, leveraging the tool to get the most out of AI only makes more sense.

Here is a list of some more things you can get done faster, and more efficiently using AutoGPT.

  • Create custom marketing tools for copywriting by instructing them to match your brand voice in every scenario.
  • Seamlessly create and embed AI quizzes and lead magnets for lead generation. These can also be integrated with other marketing tools for enhanced visitor experience.
  • Create, deploy, and monetize your favorite prompts by converting them into AI tools dedicated to solving specific use cases.

The tool can also be operated in a GPT-3.5 only mode in case you don’t have access to GPT-4 yet. (We both know it is a bit too pricey at the moment, and my sources have informed me OpenAI is working on bringing the costs down. Let’s wait and watch, and until then, GPT-3.5 is your best friend.)

AutoGPT also supports image generation using Dall-E. If you want to show off your skills at generating art using Stable Diffusion, you will need a HuggingFace API token.

The wise people of the internet (read Twitter) are using AutoGPT to do amazing things. From instructing it to complete the tasks on a to-do list to get it to do market research, it is safe to say we are only at the tip of the iceberg.

More examples here:

Well, there can be a few downsides too...

The mind behind AutoGPT, Significant Gravitas, has clarified that the tool is just an experiment to showcase the potential of GPT-4, and I am sure even he must be surprised at how fast things escalated.

The limitations of AutoGPT, as shared by the inventor, include:

  • It is not yet a polished product, and thus, may not perform well in complex, real-world business scenarios. (If you’ve cracked the code, make sure you inform them too.)
  • Since it can be rather expensive to run, make sure you’ve set and are monitoring your API key limits.

To Sum it Up

AutoGPT, even in its unpolished self, is a revolutionary tool, to say the least. One thing is for sure – it is here to stay and will only get better as OpenAI continues to release newer versions for GPT. It will be interesting to watch how early adopters leverage it to create great things, automate the mundane, and enhance their overall productivity!

What do you think of it?