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[Into the Wild] BearTax is Live

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Co-founder of BearTax

Calculating portfolio performance for the tax year and reporting gains or losses on it has been a tedious work. With BearTax, you’re just 3 steps away! Connect your exchanges and let the bear churn your transactions to give you the gain/loss information, which you or your CPA can use it to file taxes.

We’ve officially let our bear into the wild!
Yeah!! BearTax is Live.
We are happy to announce that our platform BearTax is live, ready to churn your transactions and provide you with most accurate information about your performance for tax year 2017.

BearTax integrates with different exchanges seamlessly, matches your deposits and withdrawals across the exchanges so you can avoid the hassle to manually do everything.

Below is a snapshot of the dashboard where you can see the gain/loss information by coin. Everything is automatically calculated based on your trades. You must be wondering how we come up with the gain/loss, yes we have curated historical data for more than 1000 coins in our database and its growing every day.

Much said, I’ll let you play with the app now. Go ahead and give it a try!

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Did I just mention about the Reward Points? I’m sorry to say this, but you have to wait to learn about referral bonus and how reward points can be redeemed for some green($$$).

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