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Initiating the CyOp Protocol

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How One DAO Plans to Disrupt the Crypto Market & Make a Killing in the Process

It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of a major crypto boom. Not only has the market reached unprecedented highs over the past year, but new coins and dApps are being launched every day. And what’s unbelievable is that we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s possible with the blockchain.

Innovators and entrepreneurs are discovering new ways to apply this incredible technology to every industry under the sun, from medicine to entertainment and everything in between. To put it simply, the future of blockchain technology is bright.

But for the DAO behind CyOp Protocol, it’s even brighter.

Developed by a team of anonymous developers, marketers, and visionaries, CyOp Protocol is a DAO that’s designed to disrupt the crypto market while simultaneously offering members incredible rewards. But before digging into CyOp Protocol’s uses, it’s important to understand how it works.

What is CyOp Protocol?

CyOp Protcol is an Ethereum-based decentralized autonomous organization (or DAO) that uses its funds to purchase and burn other projects’ tokens. Obviously, this has the potential to disrupt the entire cryptosphere. But it’s not just about creating chaos. Investors in CyOp Protocol will have the potential to earn unbelievable amounts of money in the process.

Here’s how it works.

The CyOp Protocol DAO will have a fund that’s filled from every transaction on the platform. As tokens are bought or sold, 10% of the sale will be taken as a tax, with 3% going to marketing costs and 7% being deposited in the project’s fund. And there’s never a concern of the project stalling since every sell will only add more purchasing power to the fund, creating greater demand in the process.

As of January 31, the fund had already grown to nearly 113 ETH or around $303,000. But that’s only the beginning. If it continues to grow at its current pace, there’s no doubt that it will be worth $1,000,000 or more within weeks.

So, how will all that purchasing power be used? During each voting period, members of the CyOp Protocol DAO will be able to select a crypto project to attack. Eighty percent of the fund will be used to buy that project’s tokens, with half of them being burned immediately and the other half being sold for ETH at a random point in the future. The proceeds from that sale will go directly to stakers as a reward. Meanwhile, ten percent of the fund will go into CyOp liquidity. And another 10% will be given to one lucky CyOp staker via a ‘matrix glitch.’

This means that if the fund reached $1,000,000 before the attack, then one random staker would open his crypto account the next morning to find an additional $100,000 sitting in it. And this will happen every time CyOp Protocol conducts a market disruption. By now, one thing should be clear: there’s never been a crypto project quite like CyOp Protocol. So, how do its visionary founders expect for it to be used? They’ve got more than a few ideas.

What Can CyOp Protocol Do?

While CyOp Protocol certainly has the potential for creating some real chaos, that’s not the real purpose of the project. Its members will be able to leverage that chaos to benefit themselves and others.

Or think of how a CyOp Protocol attack would paint bullish candles in a project’s charts, influencing price action in major ways. Likewise, NFTs could be pumped like never before. The CyOp Protocol DAO could even act as an external buyback and burn provider for other projects.

And then there’s the massive trolling potential of the CyOp Protocol. If people thought the GameStop short squeeze was bad, they won’t be able to believe what’s possible with the CyOp Protocol. This project is on track to become the troll of all investment trolls.

And who knows what other uses CyOp Protocol’s members will come up with? The sky is the limit.

The Future of CyOp Protocol

During a recent interview, ‘Charly’, one of the minds behind the CyOp Protocol, said, “Currently, we don’t want to foreshadow too much since the launch of the protocol is our priority right now.” But he did offer a few tidbits to whet the appetites of interested investors.

Once it is fully matured, the CyOp Protocol intends on developing Metagrid, a platform that fuses NFTs, gamification, and other Metaverse-adjacent innovations. CyOp Protocol stakers will get access to cyberpunk NFTs that offer robust functionality related to the project. Rather than their rarity being based on how they look, it will depend on what they’re able to do. For example, some may offer a voting multiplier. Others may give the holder a one-time increased chance of being the beneficiary of the ‘matrix glitch.’ Still, others will offer additional benefits that haven’t been announced yet.

On the Metagrid, CyOp Protocol stakers will have access to all the great features currently in development for the project. And they’ll be able to enjoy them in truly immersive ways.

In other words, the CyOp Protocol is positioning itself to offer far more than market disruption. It’s planning to be a crypto platform like none other, and one that gives its members a host of great advantages.


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