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Industry Venture’s Roland Reynolds discusses managing $3.5B

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@atshrutiBy Shruti Gandhi

Founder and Managing Partner

Industry Venture’s Roland Reynolds discusses managing $3.5B to successfully invest across the entire venture ecosystem

If you are an emerging manager, it’s worth spending 30mins listening to this podcast from an institutional LP.

Roland Reynolds started one of the early fund of funds investing in emerging managers in 2007. He then joined forces with Industry Ventures in 2009 to start their fund of funds initiative. Industry ventures as a firm started in 2000 now manages $3.5B in assets under management. They invest across the entire stack of the venture capital ecosystem in secondaries, hybrids, directs and fund of funds. Roland dives deep into their investment criteria, how they decide to work with their investments, and where the market is today compared to 1999.

Here are reasons to listen:

  1. If you are a 2nd or 3rd time fund manager, Roland covers what an LP like Industry Ventures looks for in their returning emerging managers
  2. Similarities and differences in markets from 1999 vs 2018
  3. Valuations are various stages
  4. Future of Solo GPs (General Partners)

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Podcast is hosted by Array Ventures where we invest at the intersection of business function in a large industry that is being disrupted with deeptech.


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