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5 Best Technology Trends to Watch Out For In 2018 by@digitalvijay

5 Best Technology Trends to Watch Out For In 2018

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Digital Vijay

Every New Year brings around a buzz of excitement in the world of technology. And with 2017, being a year full of innovations and surprises, the expectations for 2018 are set to the highest standards as well. Technology trends keep evolving and changing over time. They determine the way we live, work and move ahead towards the future. Of all the technology trends that come into the market, only a few manage to set a milestone. Keeping that in mind, here is our list of the 5 best technology trends to watch out for in 2018.

5. Bigger and Clearer TVs

With the concept of 4K televisions just sinking in, companies are already here with the next best resolution for TVs. Companies like LG, Samsung and Sony have already come up with their concept for the 8K TV. LG displayed its first ‘88-inch 8K OLED TV’ that comes with 33 million pixels at the CES 2018. And while that wasn’t enough, the company also showcased a ‘65-inch Rollable TV’.

The Rollable TV will feature 4K resolution and can be rolled in a tube form and carried around in a box, making it a portable TV. Similarly, Samsung launched the first ever modular TV called “The Wall”. It is a 146-inch modular TV that can be resized to any size that the user requires. All these innovations make a trend to definitely watch out for this year.

4. Wireless Charging All Around

It is not the first time wireless charging has been spoken about or adapted to charge devices. But this trend is certainly going to be seen everywhere, on most devices this year. Wireless charging works by placing the smartphone on a Qi-compatible charging mat. The mat plugs into a wire from an outlet to supply power.

However, this year might also see over-the-air wireless charging. This will work by delivering power to the devices over the air. Power can be transferred to devices that are at least two or more feet away and can reach up to 80 feet. Over-the-air wireless charging could be used for charging devices like smartphones, smart speakers, smart watches and wireless keyboards.

3. AR Over VR

We have seen Virtual Reality (VR) being one of the most trending technologies of the previous year. Virtual reality headsets help us immerse into a 3D environment that does not really exist. But this looks like the year of Augmented Reality (AR). The entire concept of AR revolves around delivering immersive experiences without having to shut yourself from the real world.

Augmented Reality shows a better version of the real world by overlaying virtual information on top of it. Using computer-generated images over the user’s real-world view to enhance everything the user feels, sees and hears, is what augmented reality is all about. Companies like Kinmo, Kodak, Carl Zeiss, Sony and even Netflix will be introducing AR to the technology market this year. This technology trend could come of great assistance in everyday life.

2. All-in-one Voice Assistants

Voice control is going to dominate 2018. Voice assistants determine the way we interact with computers. Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby and Amazon’s Alexa have already made their place by doing things that are asked of them. Things like playing the music, getting updates on the weather, and suggesting places nearby based on your current location, are things that we have already seen.

But voice assistants in 2018 will be able to carry out more than just the basic commands. For instance, information about your daily schedule, cooking recipes and other commands for your voice assistant to carry out will be added. Additionally, not just smartphones and speakers, these assistants will also be integrated inside televisions, headphones and even cars.

1. Ultra Thin Laptops

Technology evolved from desktops to laptops for features like the portability and weight. And if that wasn’t sufficient, ultra-thin laptops are here to make their place. Acer recently unveiled the world thinnest laptop, the Acer Swift 7. The laptop is as thin as 8.9mm and sports a built-in fingerprint sensor. Likewise, even Dell launched its new version of the Dell XPS 13 laptop which is as thin as 11.66 mm. This makes it pretty evident that the upcoming laptops for this year are going to compete to be slim among all the other features.