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In the New Gig Economy, Everyone Makes SENSE

In the new gig economy, everyone makes SENSE ⚡️
“Imagine if you could connect with anyone in the world, and know what they know right now.” — Ariel Jalali

Gig Economy 2.0

The future of work is inextricably tied to the future of human purpose, and both are evolving.

Currently, one third of millennials live at home, valuing experiences over asset ownership. The same ratio participate in what is considered the “gig economy,” trading their time for money while sharing their physical assets, like cars and apartments.

Within five years, half the population will be participating in this“gig economy,” doing a handful of projects instead of working a single job for a single employer. This trend seems to be at an appropriate juncture with the trend of automation.

Robots and A.I. are expected to automate 30% of the workforce by 2025. Humans will have to accelerate the pace at which they acquire new skills via lifelong learning and constantly define and refine their purpose.

There are skills that need to be validated by people doing work (gigs) and gigs that need to be analyzed for skills to credit to those people. Each action earns value on a system that fairly rewards contribution.

Unleashing Human Capital across a decentralized network

We define human capital as the combination of knowledge, skills and experience, and yet it simply cannot be shared freely. We still hunt for answers to our question on Google and yet the answers aren’t rich with knowledge, skills and experience.

This is why we are launching the SENSE Decentralized Network (SDN); we believe that the knowledge, skills, and experience of all humans is inherently valuable.

The SDN operates as a network for the use and sharing of human capital, built on Ethereum-based smart contracts that use the SENSE token to assign value to information used and shared on the network.

This brings human capital out of silos and enable a human capital global economy.To make this vision a reality faster, we’re building Humans.AI — the first application programming interface built upon the SDN protocol.

In the SENSE Decentralized Network, the knowledge, skills and experience of every human is inherently valuable.

Accessing Human Capital with Humans.AI API

Intelligence shouldn’t be artificial — it should be augmented.

Humans.AI is the missing link between human capital in silos and universal human knowledge. The programming interface enables applications that reward users SENSE tokens for sharing knowledge across a variety of platforms.

Developers can use Humans.AI’s API to create a generation of dApps using tools that transcend the social graph.

As part of the Humans.AI application, a few API endpoints are about to be released which developers can use to build knowledge-based applications.

Developers can access and manipulate the data made available both via the public SDN and the Humans.AI APIs, and can earn SENSE by contributing to the network.

Sensay is one of many SENSE dApps taking advantage of the Humans.AI API.

As an application, Sensay earns SENSE by sending conversational data to Humans.AI and in turn pays SENSE to the API for each conversation it requests from it.

In essence, this means that users of other Humans.AI-powered applications are be able to check in knowledge and earn SENSE while engaging with these applications.

Users are able to check in knowledge either deliberately (self-check-in) or passively (event-based check-in); and the aggregate of a user’s knowledge flowing in and out of applications expresses their wallet of skills and reputation.

This way, users are rewarded for their skills and knowledge without having to incur any change as it relates to how they use apps on the daily. Their address is credited automatically each time a human or bot accesses their human capital.

This represents a complete shift in the way that people earn money and ushers in the beginning of a new gig economy in which intangible valuables (like intelligence) can be transacted.

Practical Applications of SENSE

At the time of the SDN launch:

(i) a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens are created;

(ii) 275 million of those tokens are made available for purchase by users in exchange for cryptocurrency (BTC/ETH); and

(iii) certain API endpoints for the Humans.AI API are made available for use across the SDN.

In order to demonstrate the consumptive utility of new SENSE tokens for customers at launch, Sensay provides the following functionalities of the new SENSE tokens:

  • A one-to-one conversion of Sensay Coins into new SENSE tokens via external wallets
  • Checking in knows to attribute knowledge via the Knowledge Attribution smart contract
  • Earning in a chat and starting a chat require a token balance–for Humans or Me Bots

At launch, the SDN functionality involves a main token contract along with the functionality of additional contracts on the SENSE network.

The first 3 smart contracts for SENSE available on Day 1 are:

  • SENSE Token on Mainnet
  • Knowledge Attribution on Testnet (user has supplied knowledge, and such knowledge remains attributable to the user)
  • Knowledge Access on Testnet (user has searched for knowledge, and can obtain access to other users with the knowledge sought)

These contracts form a full loop on how SENSE tokens enter a user’s wallet and are used to access functionality on the network.

A user account on Ethereum network can be thought of as the user’s Ethereum wallet address. This wallet address can hold a variety of Ether and one or more associated smart contracts, including ERC-20 smart contracts for tracking tokens, such as SENSE.

Users can come to any application on the SDN and create a SENSE wallet. Developers can also create SENSE wallets for themselves and apply for credentials to access to the Humans.AI API.

Let’s look at how this would work on a practical level:

Knowledge Attribution vision as expressed for the end-state solution of the SENSE Decentralized Network (SDN)

Knowledge Attribution on Reddit

Users on websites like Reddit post, comment, and advise each other on a broad variety of topics (living across“subreddits”). These posts and comments are rated by other users on Reddit for their usefulness which is represented as a score called Karma on Reddit.

This reputation, alongside other key Reddit-related activities, can be converted into SENSE giving the users credit for their contributions.

When you, as a user, share your unique human capital on Reddit (or GitHub, or any other such centralized system), you are able to use your Humans.AI wallet to claim this human capital as your own… and any SENSE associated.

This way, you are fairly rewarded for the knowledge that you share with the world and you are finally be able to convert all that sweet Reddit Karma into real earnings.

The future of the gig economy is coming — and it makes a lot of SENSE. ⚡️

If you have a brain and a phone you can make SENSE. Be the owner of your own knowledge database. Join and participate today.

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