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Hackernoon logoImpact Of COVID-19 On The U.S. Economy by@Swati@1989

Impact Of COVID-19 On The U.S. Economy

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@Swati@1989Swati Bucha

Content Head at Skeps. Crafting stories that seek to inspire customers.

As the novel coronavirus rips through America, its effect is being felt far beyond the over 1.5 million Americans who are confirmed infected. The ill-health, quarantines, and lockdowns that are needed to fight the virus’s spread are freezing the economy. The fluctuating stock market has wiped out three years of gains. A record 3.3 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits, the highest number ever recorded.

Check out this infographic that highlights the impact of coronavirus on the U.S. economy.

Data was last updated 22nd May, 2020.

The article was first published on Skeps Blog.


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