"I’m a big advocate of Web3 and an anarchist at heart," says FinTech Entrepreneur, Julie Plavnik by@julieplavnik

"I’m a big advocate of Web3 and an anarchist at heart," says FinTech Entrepreneur, Julie Plavnik

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Hey! I'm a content strategist and writer who helps Web3 projects rank higher on search engines, attract more clients and strengthen rapport with them through engaging SEO content
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Julie Plavnik

Rupiah thousandonnaire. FinTech nomad. Soon to become great content marketer. Ultra spiritual Jew living in Bali.

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So let’s start! Tell us a bit about yourself. For example, name, profession, and personal interests.

Hey! I’m Julie Plavnik, a FinTech entrepreneur and content marketer working for Web3 projects. I’ve been in the crypto industry since 2015, mostly working for crypto spot and derivatives exchanges.

I’m a big advocate of Web3 and an anarchist at heart. I know crypto trading inside out. My passion is writing about crypto trading and Web3. I write for HackerNoon as @julieplavnik and @yellownetwork. And yep, I’m a raving fan of HackerNoon content. You guys’re doing a great job!

Interesting! What was your latest Hackernoon Top story about?

Do you usually write on similar topics? If not, what do you usually write about?

Yep, I mostly write about Web3 and crypto. My goal is to persuade people that crypto doesn’t require you to be a genius to use it, as well as to explain it simply and give some dose of entertainment.

Great! What is your usual writing routine like (if you have one?)

My writing routine is aligned with my picks of productivity, which usually happen two times daily: in the morning when I just woke up (around 9 AM), and late in the evening (after 10 PM).

Most of the time I spend on industry analysis. I’m a big fan of nerdy studies and scientific research reports. After I’ve consumed enough data to work with, I take a break - go for a beach walk, do an animal flow workout or watch something very cheesy and weird). Yes, it helps to relax and process the data.

Then I get back to my content creation process with some fresh ideas in mind. I quickly make a sketch for my new article and go into a deep writing trance for 3-4 hours. The next day morning I read what I drafted, edit it and improve it. That’s it.

Oh, how do I choose a topic?🤔

Thorough SEO research helps me here a lot. I just find what people are asking the most about my industry and try to address their questions in a comprehensive and fun manner. That’s it.

Being a writer in tech can be a challenge. It’s not often our main role, but an addition to another one. What is the biggest challenge you have when it comes to writing?

To explain complicated technology to a 6-year-old. Keep it simple and engaging. It’s not a challenge, but requires some effort.

What is the next thing you hope to achieve in your career?

To launch my Web3 indie content marketing agency.

I noticed that quite often the ways of hi-tech projects and their target audience simply do not cross, just because they speak different languages. My goal is to bridge this communication gap with engaging customer-oriented content and make both sides happy.

Wow, that’s admirable. Now, something more casual: What is your guilty pleasure of choice?

Coconut ice cream.

Do you have a non-tech-related hobby? If yes, what is it?

Movement (animal) flow workouts and psychology. I’m a certified profiler. Sometimes I write on psycho topics: check that out here.

What can the HackerNoon community expect to read from you next?

A comprehensive and in-depth content about the creative economy.

Thanks for taking time to join our “Meet the writer” series. It was a pleasure. Do you have any closing words?

Just that I’m happy to be a part of your community. I’ve learnt a lot thanks to Hackernoon publications. So to me, HackerNoon always means high-quality content.

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