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Hackernoon logoIf you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your… by@abhishek-shah

If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your…

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The term “Be Yourself” is one of the commonly used terms. Especially when there are situations of competitions, you believe, or your friends motivate you by saying you are different, you are your own self. So just be yourself. Yes, you should always be yourself. Not being yourself means you are trying to copy someone or trying to be like someone. Be it your interview in a company or your first day, anyone who favors you will repeatedly say this phrase. But there’s some confusion here. There are situations when you like someone, you like his attitude, and you try to be like that person. Does that mean it is wrong? To answer this question, it is imperative first to understand the meaning of the term “be yourself.

What does it mean?

To give a better understanding of the term, pre-eminently try to find out what does not being yourself mean. It actually means you are trying to copy someone. You try to act fake. You aren’t the actual person you are by heart. Your face expressions do not say what your heart says. Instead, you play your life with your mind. While you are not acting like what you are, you tend to look odd, your behavior gets wrong, and you no more look like a genuine person. So, what would be the opposite situation? That’s being yourself.

Why you should be yourself?

Being yourself makes you get rid of tensions. Being fake is pretty hard. Some or the other point in life will get you look like what you actually are. A real face cannot be hidden long. Thus, it is always better to be yourself.

If you aren’t yourself, it shows your lack of confidence. You do not trust yourself. You admire others more than yourself which is pretty wrong. When one cannot respect their own identity, they cannot expect the society to respect them. Self-respect is above all.

Being yourself encourages you to be something good in life. When you have accepted yourself the way you are, you tend to become your own motivation. This motivation and being in your own identity is the prime requirement if you want to succeed in life.

How to be yourself?

Now that you know what the term means and why you should be yourself, let me now explain how one can be himself. The entire process is divided into three simple steps. Following them will lead you to being yourself. Being yourself ultimately will lead you to succeed in life. So follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to identify yourself. It involves determining your own identity. You should know who you are. People usually identity themselves based on their professional lives. It is common because your professional life actually determines where you stand in terms of living your livelihood. But does your job really define you? It defines your external self. There are options where you can switch between jobs and get a better job. But that does not change you as a person. What you are is defined by identifying what your core values are, what makes you feel alive, your perception of a situation where money does not exist, your purpose of living your life and how you see yourself in future. This, identification of one-self is the first step to understanding how to be yourself.
  2. The second step is the cultivation of your true side. This makes you develop a right attitude to the nature you possess. If you are sad with your faults that doesn't mean you start being fake. The faults should be cultivated into positives. Having a positive attitude towards yourself helps in cultivating yourself. Respect your decisions, respect your views and you will find you are your own self. So under this step, you first work on developing self-respect, falling in love with your own self, choosing your own path of life, accepting the faults and mistakes you have, and here you are ready to follow the third step.
  3. And thirdly, you finally develop the courage to what you actually are. Never care what others think of you. If you start considering what others might think, then you are taking yourself to the rear. There are people with positive attitudes as well as negative ones. But life goes on. Simply accept both the sides and stay positive by what you are. Never try to please anyone. Having some amount of attitude is highly imperative. Also, make sure you never compare yourself with others. You are different, and you have your own level. Instead of looking at what others are doing or thinking, you should follow your intuition.

Final word

So, now that you have understood how to be yourself follow these three steps and you will see the change in life. You will see how happy you start being and success gets closer.

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