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If Big Tech Companies Were Simpsons Characters

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@jsborkedJust Chris

Homer (HP)

An older member of the family, the lovable dolt. Who can forget such classics as almost causing a meltdown at the Nuclear Power plant, or the $11 billion purchase of Autonomy, a company no-one has ever heard of?

Always good for a laugh, we never get tired of his hilarious statements and kooky antics.

Bart (Uber)

Ever mischievious and (usually) in trouble with the authorities, Bart is the middle finger to the establishment.

Always causing some kind of excitement and always sticking it to “the man”. You can picture the slogan “Eat my shorts!” on the company headquarters.

Disrupting the taxi industry? Don’t have a cow, man.

Lisa (Raspberry Pi)

Precocious and smart, yet innocent and lovable, Lisa is always there to set everyone straight. For instance, that a computer doesn’t need to be bigger than your hand and doesn’t need to cost more than $5. Take that $3500 Apple machine! (eye-roll)

Mr. Burns (Apple)

Cue the Death Star music — the richest and most powerful resident of Springfield looms large over the industry. What business genius locks users endlessly into an ecosystem, refuses to open up iMessage, and charges $159 for earbuds. Ruthless and endlessly frustrating his enemies, Burns runs things in this town.

Ned (Google)

Nerdy but always the over-achiever, Ned’s got the ole-time religion. Spouting mottos like “Don’t be evil” or “Spend less time on your back and more time on your knees”, Ned is the ever present conscience we wish we had.

Barney (Yahoo)

What can you say? Barney is a mess. As a young lad, full of potential, but somewhere something went wrong. Horribly wrong.

Still a fixture on the Springfield scene, yet a cautionary tale, Barney.. well.. is just drunk.

Grandpa (IBM)

Old, but still kickin dag-nab-bit, Grandpa is around to dispense his almost coherent advice to all the residents who will listen.

If you talk back however, he may not hear you, so you need to SPEAK UP SON-NY!


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