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@nsehgal review: The Game-Changer for Crypto Exchanges

There are nearly 200 cryptocurrency exchanges operating across the world as per data from CryptoCoinCharts. Out of all these exchanges, only a handful provide limited kinds of crypto derivatives and even those are mostly restricted to Bitcoin or Ethereum derivatives products. The crypto trading market is now slowly catching up to the need for derivatives instruments based off of coins or tokens.

However, there seems to be no dedicated ecosystem for crypto derivatives products, today.

There’s another issue with exchanges that is seemingly overlooked. Old-school traders, accustomed to a highly strategic style of trading that utilises advanced charting, data visualisation and analytics tools for swift & accurate execution of trades, face the issue of not having crypto trading interfaces that suit their needs.

A trading interface that buckles under market fluctuations has turned off many a professional traders from crypto exchanges and may even have some influence on a trader’s decision to whether or not enter the crypto trading market. is an upcoming exchange that seeks to address both the above mentioned issues. By offering a complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets and a Desktop Application for a Point-and-Click Ladder based Trading Interface to access its platform, stands to up the game for crypto exchanges.

IDAP is bringing three unique offerings to the crypto trading market:

  • A Complete Ecosystem for Crypto Derivatives Products: The platform is offering outright futures, calendar spreads, butterfly spreads, American options, perpetual swaps and crypto indices for all major cryptocurrencies. Traders can thereby bet on both a bull or bear run or even the entire curve, all at a single exchange.
  • Desktop Application: Equipped with Order Entry Form supporting different types of conditional orders, the application provides access to the platform’s Point-and-Click Ladder based Trading Interface. Thus, traders can execute orders swiftly and accurately, never missing out on the action, even when the market is fluctuating rapidly.
  • Simulator for beginners: Replicating real-time market data and trading conditions, the simulation tool helps users understand the market dynamics, general market behaviour and how to manage trade and associated risks. Those new to futures trading will greatly benefit from gaining real experience without risking real funds.

Derivatives products offer traders the advantage to hedge and speculate. With the wide variety of trading instruments is offering, they can diversify their portfolio. This allows for risk management and higher profit potential. Additionally, by indirectly exposing traders to cryptocurrencies, derivatives products help attract more participants, especially institutional grade traders and speculators. A trader-friendly interface with an added simulator to aid beginners, nudges both traditional traders and crypto neophytes towards using the platform. More users will ensure deeper liquidity fostering higher trade volumes and the subsequent growth of both the customers and the exchange.

The variety is offering in its products and services is a significant aspect of what differentiates this platform from other exchanges. It is through this variety, that traders of all grades and styles will find themselves right at home with this inclusive trading ecosystem.
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