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Hackernoon logo"I would rather feel machine judging me, than people judging me" - Jeremy Morgan during AMA by@noonies

"I would rather feel machine judging me, than people judging me" - Jeremy Morgan during AMA

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Jeremy Morgan is 5x Noonies nominee and an author for Pluralsight focused on Software Development and Integration.

He has spent much of his career divided between Linux development and .NET Development, as well as some Front End work. One of Jeremy’s greatest passions is building applications that automate processes or work with data.

In Ask Me Anything session with Hacker Noon community Jeremy shared his perspective on smart mirrors, tech career advancement, programming tips and more!

Here is the round up of top 5 AMA answers:

1. Tips on educating yourself in Linux

"Spin up a virtual machine. VirtualBox is a great option. Then, start using it for day to day things. Email, browsing, etc. Find things you'd like to do, and Google how to do it. Enforcing this as a habit will help you learn the system. Check out Pop!_OS to start!"

2. Front-End vs Back-End vs Full Stack for career advancement

"...remember, you're not being paid to write code, you're being paid to solve problems. How effectively you solve problems and how you work with others is the biggest differentiator and key to your career success."

3. On writing code and blog posts difference

"I enjoy both immensely. I would say I enjoy code more, only because I'm highly critical of myself as a writer, and still very much in the process of refining that. I'm more confident with my code."

4. Should tech education be free for everyone?

"I think they should be as free as possible. However capital is needed to accomplish the goal of teaching. It's difficult to provide a good teaching experience without that support. I applaud many in the tech community that provide free education as they can."

5. On smart mirrors evolution

"I see them evolving by getting more powerful. Two problems they currently have is thickness and power supply. If a company were to solve these two problems they'd certainly have a chance at mass adoption. Perhaps a kit that would fit into newer home construction."

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