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I Never Thought Compassion Would Pay Me Back in Such A Wonderful Way

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As soon as the World Health Organization declared Corona Virus to be a global pandemic, there was an immense quick heat fired up around the globe, with people being highly concerned about their survival amidst these hard times. People actually started to stock up for months, according to CNN, grocery stores ran out of the daily use products, and basically, it was all depicting the scenario of the end of times. 

How it all started 

However, not to show anything off, but I have always been a little more compassionate towards those in need. The first thought that popped into my mind was the trauma that the daily wagers, maids, and other hardworking people who used to live hand to mouth must be going through at the moment.  

I wanted to do everything possible for them with a minimal amount of savings in my own hands. Luckily, I do not owe any financial responsibility of my household as my husband runs the financial matters. I decided to contact directly to the people I knew were in need, and without a surprise, most of them were waiting for help. I did whatever I was able to do in my capacity, connected them with the donors, and helped them in every possible way. 

Now, what’s surprisingly amazing is the payback! The fantastic results I witnessed and that too within a month, the rewards I would be forever grateful. 

Inner quietude 

The very immediate incentive you receive after giving someone out of kindness is the inner peace. To be more precise, I have not been any more calm and content from within ever! It was giving me the hope of being a better person, the one who doesn’t live for themselves only—the one who has the heart of the compassionate ones. 

New York Times reported how the act of giving could help bolster one’s own emotional and mental health. 


It is human nature to be more complaining about what’s not given to them rather than being thankful for whatever they already have within their life. Once I was able to help someone by giving out my sincere efforts, I realized how I belong to the chosen ones. I knew that along with the thousands of other things, God has also blessed me with a kind heart. 

I realized that what seems to be my daily necessity is a luxury to many! As a result, I felt more connected to God and became thankful for the ultimate blessings of life. 

Unexpected earning 

Although I opted for a part-time job back in the days, now I am a freelancer, or we can say an occasional freelancer who loves to work from home at times, depending on the mood. 

As soon as I spent my savings on the ones who deserved it more in the current hard times, I got a fantastic offer from a well-reputed firm that wanted me to work for them from home with a handsome amount of payment. It felt like my spending coming back to me after being multiplied by 70 times.  

Unbelievable Surprise 

Now, this was unexpected! I have been praying for something hard for good 4.5 years, which started to seem impossible to me, and to my surprise amidst all the chaos, I got my wish fulfilled all of a sudden, this month. 

The moment I knew I have got what I craved for all this time, I knew this is God’s way of telling how he loved my kindness and compassion towards his men. 


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