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I claimed my Bitcoin Cash and You Can Too

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@rocco-balsamoRocco Balsamo

I grabbed more than a grand with half a day of research.

A quick disclaimer — my grandma asked me about buying cryptocurrency a few weeks ago. I gave her the best advice, but basically encouraged her to do her own research, and not bet the farm with my inheritance ;-). That goes for you too. Don’t take anything I write here as canon, and read, read, read before you decide to risk any funds, crypto or otherwise.

The backstory — I bought just under 1 BTC back in the Mt Gox days for about $80 bucks. Thankfully I withdrew the currency into a local MultiBit wallet before Mt Gox became insolvent. Eventually I switched to the followup wallet called Multibit HD. For the most part, I completely forgot about Bitcoin until the recent cryptocurrency surge (Dec 2017).

eeek, just the logo makes me shudder

Anyway, on August 1, 2017, a bunch of the Bitcoin miners decided to create a new currency called Bitcoin Cash. They performed a “hard fork” and basically anyone that owned Bitcoin before the split now owned both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash — and was entitled to the same amount of Bitcoin Cash that they already owned in Bitcoin.

I mostly ignored this, but in the past week, since Coinbase started listing Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the new currency, BCH, skyrocketed in value.

trajectory of bitcoin cash

Between August 1 and today, I had sold off a chunk of my original BTC for “real money” (also via Coinbase). But I started doing research and it turns out that if I owned one BTC on August 1, I still was entitled to one BCH regardless of my actions after the August 1 fork.

So after some Googling, the best tutorial I found about how to claim BCH from Multibit HD (or various other wallets) was here:

But unfortunately this only worked for Coinomi, an Android app. I didn’t have an Android device lying around. And I’d rather be chemically castrated than go to Walmart to buy one three days before Christmas.


After banging my head against a wall (and watching BCH lose value), I found a Stack Exchange article about how to claim Bitcoin Cash from my Multibit HD Wallet. Essentially, since I still had my wallet words written down from MultiBit HD, I was able to input them into Electron Cash and actually claim my BCH. (It was slightly more complicated than that, see the Stack Exchange article for deetz).

electron cash

After I got the BCH funds in my Electron Cash wallet, I transferred the BCH over to Coinbase and sold it immediately for USD, because USD can buy last-minute Christmas presents, and mythical coin money can’t (yet).

When I’m not pretending that I know WTF I am doing with Bitcoin, I also run a site called SIMMER.io for sharing WebGL games. If you’re into games or game development check it out!

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