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How We’ve Expanded ELIX To Have Lots Of New Products + Stripe Integration Update


Wondering what we’ve been up to at ELIX? It’s been a crazy week. We’ve added lots of new products and creators, and made many improvements to our website. Although we’re just getting started, we’ve already added lots of products and campaigns. Keep reading to learn all the exciting details below.

If you haven’t already, be sure to join ELIX here to support great products and campaigns.

Checking On Your Cryptos

During the holiday season, you might want to check on your crypto. With these ticker gadgets, at a glance you can see the prices of different assets. These recently added tickers from CryptoCoinDisplay make it easy to check on prices. Check out these new gadgets on ELIX Explore.

Build Your Own Drone

Enjoy doing fun engineering projects? Build your own drone with these kits from Kitables on ELIX Explore. Kitables requested to add all their kits to ELIX. One of the benefits of listing on ELIX is it’s completely free, so for creators like Kitables it makes sense to add whatever they can.

Build Musical Instruments, Bluetooth Speakers & More

That’s not all that we’ve added to ELIX! Here are just a few more fun items you can check out on our Explore page.

We’ve added a Ukulele kit for those in our community who are musically inclined. It’s an easy way to build your own musical instrument and makes a great holiday gift. Click on the image below to check out the Ukulele on the ELIX Explore page.

You can also build your own Bluetooth Speaker with this kit from Kitables. Click on the image to check out the speaker on our Explore page.

These are just a few of the many products we’ve added recently to ELIX. We’ve been expanding the products listed by contacting creators all over the web. Since ELIX provides a free place to list their creations, it’s been easy for us to acquire new customers.

Development Progress

Here’s a demo showing how quick and easy it will be for Elix project creators to connect with Stripe so you can start taking payments! Simply enter your existing Stripe account information in the OAuth flow (or register a new account) and you will be redirected back to Elix with your account set up to receive payments.

We’ll be fine tuning the UI to give all users the most seamless experience — this is just a preliminary sample to show what’s in the works! We can add custom account flow in the future, for example, to minimize the amount of work the user has to do.

We’re focusing now on integrating Stripe into an implementation of product purchases and campaign funding so that backers can support their favorite creators on Elix. We’re also building static pages for creators to edit their projects and share them on social media. Sharing will help boost a project’s ranking on search engines, helping to maximize exposure that will convert to greater success in online markets.

Add Products & Campaigns

Thinking of creating a product or campaign? Create an account on ELIX here to get started. Making a project only takes a few minutes. Add a project here or click on image below to get started.


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