How we Created Hide the Pain Harold’s Digital Twin with AIby@chriszabo
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How we Created Hide the Pain Harold’s Digital Twin with AI

by ChriSzaboApril 4th, 2022
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Harold's digital twin is here to stay. The most famous meme, winner of the meme of the decade award, lives in the metaverse now. He can deliver personalized messages and speak any language imaginable. Colossyan's algorithms allow anyone generates the video in minutes with AI generated real actors.
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AI is reaching new heights, and our latest personalized video campaign is making it accessible for internet users everywhere.

Click here to see Harold in action:

Using our signature AI technology, we teamed up with the internet’s beloved meme star ‘Hide the Pain Harold’ to create our latest global campaign for April Fool’s Day. After a studio session with Harold himself and help from our own machine learning algorithm, meme fans everywhere can now prank their friends with a personalized video message from Harold.

The personalized video experience

Our Pain Harold campaign allows users to easily send a personalized message to whoever they like from Hide the Pain Harold. Through the simple interface, users can insert their own name, a friend’s name, and choose from multiple scripts. Our software then generates the video in real-time, and Harold’s twin delivers his message to the recipient.

The video with digital Harold and his quintessential pain-hiding smile starts like this:

“Hey Sherlock, your friend, Watson, told me you are getting really good at hiding the pain when your boss keeps bossing around. So I presented you to the International Meme Committee to become Hide the Pain Sherlock! Finally, … I can retire!”

How does it work?

The Hide the Pain Harold tool uses a combination of real actors, cutting-edge AI video technology, and user input. We bring together original footage, which is learnt by Colossyan’s algorithm, and can then be personalized. Our technology can even change voices into different languages.

How was it created?

To create Harold’s digital twin, we needed a short studio session with Harold. We recorded him saying multiple different sentences, specifically chosen to cover all sounds. Then our cutting-edge machine learning algorithm was able to map his facial expressions. Finally, with third-party voice cloning, we could create a personalized voice script, and synthetically generate the visuals to match.

Who is Hide the Pain Harold?

The Hungarian native meme authority, Andras Arato, has been riding his fame, traveling the world appearing in music videos, documentaries, Ted Talks and TV ads. Andras is turning 77 in a few months, and he relished the opportunity to join the campaign. He said:

“My digital meme-twin can work now 24/7, speak over 60 languages and act in thousands of videos — the only thing is, I wish I had done it sooner. You know digital copies of us don’t even age!”

About Colossyan

The company behind the technology is the Europe-based startup Colossyan. On their platform, Colossyan Studio, realistic human actors can be used to create studio-quality videos without any physical equipment in minutes. The company was started in 2020 by the founding trio CEO Kristof Szabo, CPO Dominik Mate Kovacs, and CTO Zoltan Kovacs. Their tool can be used for everything from HR training videos to YouTube clips, and aims to make creating video content easier and more accessible to all.

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