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How Waves World is going to build an awesome crypto token economy

September 4th 2018

Waves World is a family-owned business that has been running a Waves node since December 2017, distributing rewards to its leasers every Monday. We’ve always been entirely self-funded and have provided the service and related sites as a labour of love. We’re passionate about Waves and blockchain tech and pride ourselves in the level of technical ability and personal customer support we’ve been able to provide.

Waves World in numbers:

Introducing the WW crypto ecosystem!

Now, we’re looking to step up our efforts and create a diverse crypto ecosystem for the Waves community, based around and building on our existing mining pool and services. The Waves World (WW) token will be an integral part of this, and wherever it makes sense we’ll be using that as our native currency, across all the diverse features and services we plan to offer.

We’ve got plenty of ideas about how to build value into that ecosystem and token, but that’s going to have to be the subject of a (much) longer article or white paper. For now, we’ll give our community an overview of some of the ways we plan to build an active, vibrant, fun and rewarding crypto economy.


Kickstarting and building a thriving economy is all about making sure your token is widely used as a means of commerce, as well as investment. That means two things:

1) Distribution — getting your token out to as many people as possible

2) Redemption — giving people as many ways to spend their tokens as possible

We plan to distribute WW in a number of ways. Over the course of the next year, until June 2019, we’ll be airdropping WW to our mining pool leasers. We’ll also be offering other ways for people to get free tokens in the early stages. We’re working on a subscription model for our airdrop bot that will be offered to those who hold a minimum balance. (We’ll also be using this to share a proportion of our profits, and distributing tokens from other projects that are looking for publicity — offering rewards for both sides.) When we need to buy in services or offer bounties, we’ll be paying WW wherever we can for that too.

Waves World Marketplace

Another major strand of what we’re going to offer is our marketplace. We’re going to be providing official Waves merchandise, for a start, along with some other classic crypto kit– some our own products and designs, some from other major crypto retailers. Again, where we can, we’ll be accepting WW for these items, helping to underpin the value of our token and keep it circulating in the Waves World economy. In other instances, it makes more sense to accept bitcoin and other cryptos, since we’ll be shipping popular products from other key retailers.

We want our marketplace to become a place where the crypto community can engage with us and each other, as well as just buy merchandise, so we’ll also be working on ways to make that happen — helping to drive and expand the crypto sector as well as making existing products more accessible. One idea we really like is holding art and design competitions, soliciting entries from talented members of the crypto world and then giving the winners a place to sell their pieces through our marketplace. Bringing in our community as entrants and judges would establish demand for the winning pictures and items, hopefully ensuring income for the artists, revenue for WW and its holders, and satisfied buyers. It’s also a great way to generate publicity around crypto, Waves and Waves World.

But as we said, we’ve got plenty of ideas. The bottom line is that we plan to build a kick-ass ecosystem around WW and we know that’s only going to happen with help from the grassroots crypto community. So, watch this space, come and join us and tell us what you want to see!

Join us for discussion on Facebook at the Waves Platform Cryptocurrency Club

Lease your WAVES to our mining pool at 3P3PfgFKpfisSW6RCsbmgWXtwUH8fHAESw4

Find our more at https://www.wavesworld.io

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